Inspire Inclusion! International Women’s Day 2024 

Vanessa Gatelein Mar 08, 2024
Inspire Inclusion! International Women’s Day 2024 

Two months ago, I went to a Women in Healthcare conference, and I was moved by women's stories of how they dealt with infertility, health issues and the Menopause in the workplace. I often wonder, "how could I make a difference and truly support myself, my mom, and my work sisters to feel well and get the appropriate care they need."  That's when I dove into International Women's Day to see how others are getting the conversation started and moving towards ACTION! 

Inspire Inclusion: Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 
FYI - To celebrate women’s progress while acknowledging the road ahead requires effort from everyone, not just women!  

On March 8th, we mark International Women's Day (IWD), a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In 2024, the theme is Inspire Inclusion -- highlighting the drive towards gender parity and embracing diversity.  

This feels big, so here are 3 quick ways to get involved and start making a difference: 1.Junte-se a um evento local do Dia Internacional da Mulher.

  1. Join a local International Women's Day event 
  2. Become a member of the IWD community  
  3. Learn how to start the conversation about women and inclusivity within your community 


Ready for more? Every action can create change!  

Keep reading to discover how little changes in your routine can make an impact where it counts. Simple things like shopping at a women-run business to learning how to be an advocate at your workplace supporting diversity and inclusion. 


Actions to Inspire Inclusion 
Promote Gender Equality and Diversity at your Workplace 

I am a 51-year-old woman and in the past, I have had my own experiences and have seen less than great treatment to women. I am always ready to fight for what is important, but sometimes it's scary when you are the only one taking action.  

Here are some ideas to give you courage to stand up for your work sisters and get your company into action. 

  1. Education: To drive gender parity and create inclusivity, businesses have to take bold steps. But most often those steps are not clear and seem insurmountable. What you can do: Work with your company to create in-depth educational sessions that spotlight ingrained prejudices to start. And then... help each person kindly to overcome their behaviours in everyday interactions. By the way, it needs to be more than one workshop a year to truly create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. It's best to seek the help of a diversity and inclusion coach or consultant to guide you along the way. 
  2. Mentorship Programs: Ask at your company if they would sponsor a mentorship program explicitly towards the professional growth of women. The reason? Mentoring not only empowers each woman, but it also enriches the organisation's culture by allowing for different leadership styles. Mentoring works because of its one-on-one nature and is ability to deal with issues in the real world, not in a classroom. 
  3. Contribution Strategies: Pushing for a transparent compensation strategy is a pivotal move. Transparency ensures everyone gets fair pay for their work efforts, and tackles one of the root causes of gender inequality at work. Transparency isn't always easy, seeking the help and advice from outside counsel could help your company reach parity goals over a period of time. 
  4. Maternity Return: More than once I've seen a stellar woman, who went on mat leave to only come back and get undesirable work, or unwanted tasks put on them.  
Support Women's Health & Wellness 
Help women and girls make informed decisions about their health. 

Did you know that in medical textbooks, most of the biographical models are of men? And that medicine is almost wholly based on the male body? The key point here is that a woman's body, brain, and heart function quite differently from a man's. It is more than just her reproductive parts that make her different. Why is this important and what can you do? We need to bring women's health issues to the forefront, take them out of the taboo closet, and start discussing how this impacts us every day.  

Common Health Challenges Women Face  

Perimenopause: It is true that the reproductive cycle is slowing down, BUT we don't talk about how lower oestrogen impacts a woman's ENTIRE body. As hormones start to fluctuate, a woman will possibly experience, brain fog, lower energy levels, joint pain, heart flutters and insomnia. So, what can you do?  

  • Remember, every woman's experience is very different, so get people talking in a support group.  
  • Take time to understand what is happening in the body and its impact on a woman's day to day life. 
  • Ask her what she needs. And if it's you... don't be afraid to ask for what you need - more time, more space, downtime, clearer boundaries? 
  • See how nutrition and lifestyle can ease some symptoms and improve a woman's experience in perimenopause. 

Menopause: It is becoming less of a taboo to talk about and that is great! Are you in menopause or perhaps your mom or grandma is? The key to know is that the body has changed a lot! What can you do:  

  • Understand that a women's health risks start to increase in many areas including heart health, brain health, and mental health. 
  • Learn how nutrition and lifestyle can increase longevity including maintaining muscle and bone through weight bearing exercise and good muscle and bone building nutrients. 
  • If you know someone in menopause or if this is you, make sure to get them outdoors, moving, and in the sunshine for everyone's own mental health.  
Shop and Invest in Women-Owned Businesses 
Forging women's economic empowerment. 

By backing businesses run by women, we pave the way for women's financial autonomy and create pivotal positions for them in society. 

What you can do:  
  • Seek out women owned businesses and shop there. Here's a quick list of 45 [add local list if you can] in London alone. 
  • Start investing in businesses owned by female entrepreneurs  
  • Advocate for policies that provide better access to funding and resources for women-owned businesses! This helps level the playing field, ensuring they have what they need to thrive alongside male-dominated enterprises. 

By seeking out and investing in women-owned businesses you validate and amplify their success in competitive markets lifting up women all around! 

Looking for More Ways to Take Action to Support Women? 

The International Women's Day site offers a lot of inspiration. Here is a quick list of other things to explore that maybe suit your passions. 

  • Supporting women and girls into leadership, decision-making, business, and STEM 
  • Designing and building infrastructure meeting the needs of women and girls 
  • Involving women and girls in sustainable agriculture and food security 
  • Providing women and girls with access to quality education and training 
  • Elevating women and girl's participation and achievement in sport 
  • Promoting creative and artistic talent of women and girls 
  • Addressing further areas supporting the advancement of women and girls 
Summing Up! 

International Women's Day 2024 means to 'Inspire Inclusion' AND we realise it's not just a catchy phrase but a powerful call to unite and take action! 

We uncovered ways to push gender equality forward, from supporting women-owned businesses to creating inclusive workplaces and supporting your work sisters.  

Remember, every step towards inclusion matters. You can do this! 

If you're set on making waves in driving gender parity and keen on supporting the women in your life —this journey doesn't end here. It starts with us, now.