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How to Increase Your Energy Levels Naturally

That feeling of waking up excited, energized, and in love with your life doesn’t have to be the elusive unicorn that visited you for a short time in your early 20’s, and then disappeared.

It is possible to overcome fatigue, feelings of constant tiredness, and supercharge your body’s energy levels!

This article will share with you the shifts and tweaks you can make to your daily food and lifestyle habits so you can naturally cultivate a high-energy body for yourself.

If you’re constantly tired and lacking energy, check out our article on What’s Up With My Constant Tiredness & Lack of Energy? to understand the reasons why and what symptoms to look out for.

Otherwise, let’s get to the strategies that will help you make fatigue a thing of the past, and create a body and brain that are bursting with energy every day, all day long.



Add Green Smoothies and/or Green Vegetable Juices To Your Morning

Simply put, if you want to feel more alive and energized, eat and drink more green foods. Greens alkalize and detoxify the body – two of the most important functions for igniting your energy.

Our body is designed to be alkaline, not acidic. However, the way we have evolved over the last century has meant we’ve dramatically increased the amount of acidity in our lives.

Specifically, the highly acidic sugary and processed foods we eat, the stress and negative emotions we juggle, and a more sedentary lifestyle all contribute to the increased acidity of our bodies.

An acidic body means a less oxygenated one, and where you have less oxygen, you have fatigue.
Besides feeling more energized, adding in more greens will also help clear brain fog, and reduce puffy, tired-looking skin. Bonus!

Tip: Add in a celery juice or a green smoothie (think: a blend of spinach/ kale/ cucumber/ pineapple/ mint) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, to set yourself up for all-day energy.

Ditch Wheat and Other Gluten-Containing Grains

At some point in our history wheat may have been nutritious but modern wheat is, unfortunately, nothing like it once was.

According to Dr. William Davis (Author of Wheat Belly), once agribusiness took over farming to develop a higher-yielding crop, wheat became hybridized to such an extent that it was completely transformed from its pre-historical genetic configuration.

Human digestion and physiology simply couldn’t adapt quick enough to such changes.

The result? Eating wheat leaves many of us constantly feeling tired or downright sick.

TIP: Eliminate wheat and gluten for just a few days, and you’re likely to immediately feel:
•    more energetic
•    less bloated
•    have better mental clarity
•    improved digestion
•    a less puffy face, and
•    have fewer aches and pains.

Boost Your Water Intake

So many us think “BOOR-ring!!!” when it comes to drinking water. But upping your water intake is one of the fastest ways to boost your energy and your focus.

Tip: There’s magic to be found in drinking 2-3 liters per day, so help your self by finding a new water jug or bottle that:
1.    Helps you easily keep score of how much you’re drinking, and
2.    Holds some more fun ingredients that will entice you to drink more

Think: any of the following – berries, lemons and limes, cucumbers, ginger slices, fresh herbs.

Try Coffee Cycling

Good news for all you coffee lovers! This isn’t about asking you to give up your coffee. Phew! Just to experiment with the way you drink it.

When we get used to drinking coffee on the daily, we also get used to, or tolerant of the jolt it gives. Meaning we eventually have to reach for more of it for the effect we want. Which then means more of the impact we don’t want when it’s not in our system, like:
•    Drop in mood
•    Performance worsens, and
•    Less energy

Tip: Try cycling your coffee instead so you can maximize the jolt you love. First, do a little detox and gently clean caffeine out of your system over a few weeks. Then cycle it: Use it for a day or 2, then take a 2-3 day break from it. OR try 2 weeks on, then 2 weeks off.

Reduce Your Intake of Alcohol, Sugar, & Overly Processed Foods

Ok. So here’s the not so fun news, but deep down you and I both know what’s coming.

Alcohol, sugar, and overly processed foods might feel fun and comforting to have in the moment, but they quickly bring down our energy and mood, while leaving us wanting more of them.

Why? Because they’re full of empty calories that nutritionally don’t satiate us.

They can taste so good at the time, right? But it’s momentarily. Followed by a big fat energy slump.

Over the long-term alcohol, sugar, and processed foods:
•    Rob us of our energy
•    Make us feel depressed
•    Scatter our focus, and
•    Lead to weight gain, and adding to this vicious cycle

Here’s how to reduce your intake of these “foods” without going crazy – Crowd Them Out!

Crowd Out Energy Zappers By Adding-In More Clean & Plant-Based Ways of Eating

Start by deciding to NOT eliminate or go cold-turkey on: alcohol, sugar, or processed foods, because more often than not this is a tactic that doesn’t work.

Rather, it backfires and has you consuming more of these energy zappers.

Tip: Instead, commit to eating for energy first. Then, if there’s still the desire for some of the “other stuff”, have it and enjoy. This means:

Eating more fueling and nutrient dense foods at each meal, such as:
•    Whole grains, like brown rice, quinoa, and oats
•    Green vegetables, like broccoli, kale, spinach, collard greens, and asparagus
•    Seasonal fruits, like berries, pears, apples, and high-energy bananas
•    Healthy fats, like wild-caught salmon and sardines, raw nuts, avocados, olive and coconut oil, and chia seeds
•    Iron-rich foods, like lean and organic grass-fed red meat

Eating Mindfully: Eating intentionally when you’re hungry. Slowly. And then stopping when full.

Thinking of food as energy: ask yourself “What choices will be the most energizing for me today?” and choosing those.

When we eat in this way, there’s not much room left for the “food” that we know deep down will zap our energy.



Living a life you love begins with how you fuel it. Your happiness depends on how you energize, nourish and feed not only your body but your mind and spirit too.
Here are 6 powerful ways to do just that:

1) Get the Sleep You Need: this means clocking enough hours that bring rejuvenating sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed, and not wanting to hit the snooze button repeatedly.

Tip: Read more on “How to Get Good Sleep” HERE

2) Begin Your Day Right: by not checking email or social media for at least the first 60 minutes of the day. Instead, own your day by writing out the things YOU want to achieve before you let anyone else start shaping it for you.

Tip: Then, take a cold shower! From personal experience, I find this one of the most powerful things I can do to boost my energy levels first thing. Try a 4-minute shower, cycling between 1 minute of warm/hot and 20 seconds of cold.

3) Exercise: while it may initially feel like the last thing you want to do when you’re already tired, exercise is often just the magic boost you need.

Tips: An energizing workout that you can reap long-term benefits from when done consistently, need take no longer than 15-20 minutes, 3 times a week.

Think: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts that can be done from the comfort of your lounge room by hitting up YouTube.

And to beat that afternoon slump? Try 10-20 squats after lunch at your desk - no need to break a sweat!

4) Avoid Smoking: if you’re a smoker, this IS something to go cold-turkey with. Giving up smoking can be one of the most significant boosts to your energy. Period.

Tip: Hypnosis and acupuncture can be useful tools to use for giving up smoking.

5) Reduce Stress: Stress takes up a lot of energy. Demanding work hours, relationships, kids, study, and everyday life can have us feeling constantly tired. And when we don’t deal with these demands proactively, they can lead to burnout and a much longer road back to feeling good.

Tips For Lightening Your Load & Bringing In More Joy:

•    Massage: releases serotonin, relaxes you, and renews your energy.
•    Get out into nature: spending time in a park, forest, mountain top, or the ocean allows us to marvel at something bigger than ourselves while helping us regroup and refocus.
•    Schedule time for fun and being social: time out with friends and family allows your brain to relax and your energy to renew. Allow what brings you joy to be your GPS.
•    Mediation: If you want to renew your energy, create more moments of flow, expand your possibilities for inspiration and ingenuity, then meditation is your key.

6) Shift Your Mindset & Ignite Your Energy: here are 2 mindset tweaks that will skyrocket the way you feel:

•    Trust you have the time you need. When you wake each morning, take 5 deep breaths and set an intention for your day. For example, “The X things I want to get done today will get completed easily and stress-free.”

•    Change your “I got to do” list, into your “I get to do” list. It’s a small change (just one vowel!) but brings a significant shift. One that feels different, because it is. How energizing is that?!

It’s often the small shifts we make to our mindset and our daily routine that bring in the most effective changes to the way we feel energy-wise.

You’ve got this, my friends!