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Halloween Themed Treat Ideas to Make With Kids

Autumn is officially here, which means that it’s the start of the seasonal festivals in the run up to Christmas – sorry, I hope mentioning the ‘C’ word didn’t make you nervous! At the end of October, we have a scary Halloween festival, which is a fun one for the kids to get dressed up in costumes and make some spooky treats. Halloween is massive in the USA, but is quickly becoming more popular in the UK too.

Here are some tasty spooky ideas to make with the kids this Halloween!  



Banana Ghosts

Peel and cut a banana in half to create two ghosts, the sliced part of the banana becomes the bottom and the pointy part is the top. Use chocolate chips to create the eyes and mouth.


Satsuma Pumpkins

An easy way to create a healthy Halloween themed treat is to peel some satsumas and use celery or cucumber to insert into the top to create the stalk of a pumpkin.




Pizza Aubergine Mummies

Slice up an aubergine and bake in the oven until tender. Remove from the oven and top with passata. To create the eyes, slice a pitted olive in half and then layer on grated cheese to make the mummy’s bandages. Return to the oven and bake for a further 10 minutes until the cheese is melted.


Twiglet and Cheese Broomsticks

Using some twiglets and some cheese strings you can make some great savoury Halloween party snacks. Cut the cheese string into 2 and then slice it into strands to make it look like a broomstick end – make sure that you don’t cut down the whole length.  Insert the twiglet into the middle of the cheese string.




Breadstick Bones

Take a ready-made dough mix or make your own bread dough and shape the dough into bones before baking.  These would be great for dipping into some Halloween inspired dips.