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Juice Plus+

Complete Shake Mix + Mix Bar

Complete by Juice Plus+®

Mix Shake Box

Each delivery consists of
3 pouches Complete by Juice PLUS+ Chocolate per box
3 pouches Complete by Juice PLUS+ Vanilla per box

- the drink for your well-being
- vegan (prepared with non-dairy milk)
- vegetable protein with high biological value
- high relative protein percentage (Cal%)
- fibre
- minerals and vitamins
- without preservatives
- without artificial sweeteners, colouring and aromas
- gluten-free

Add one 37.5 g scoop of powder to 250ml skimmed milk and mix thoroughly, preferably using a whisk or blender. For a creamier drink, with no more calories, add 2 or 3 ice cubes before mixing.

Complete by Juice Plus+®

Mix Bar Box

Each delivery consists of:
2 boxes with 15 Complete by Juice PLUS+ Mixed Fruit Bars
2 boxes with 15 Complete by Juice Plus+ Chocolate Bars

+ the bars for your active lifestyle
+ rich in omega-3 fatty acids
+ high dietary fibre content
+ suitable for vegans
+ gluten-free
+ complete meal replacement
+ without preservatives
+ helps reduce unnecessary calories

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