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Cheap Healthy Meals for the Family

As we head into spring and finally start enjoying a little bit of sunshine and longer evenings, you may have started thinking about your summer holiday. But what is the best way to save the pennies for an enjoyable holiday for all the family? A good place to start is looking at the cost of what you put on your plate and the brilliant news is you can still make delicious and creative meals on a budget. We've compiled some brilliant cheap healthy meal ideas that will hopefully inspire you to get into the kitchen and try some new dishes




Kids overnight oats

You can find this recipe for these deliciously simple overnight oats on our website here. Overnight oats might sound expensive, but actually it only requires a few very basic, store cupboard ingredients. And your kids will love these for the colour! One portion of this comes in at just under 98p, and even less if you omit the chia seeds. Delicious.

Cheese and tomato muffins

These are brilliant because you can create a massive batch and enjoy them warm at home, or take them on the go. They require very little ingredients and can also be frozen, which means you have a quick breakfast option available at any time.  To make 6 muffins you’ll need 6 eggs, 4 large tomatoes and 50g grated cheese. Whisk the eggs with the cheese, chopped tomato and salt and pepper and bake for 15 minutes at 200C. These come in at 38p a muffin – and only £2.30 for 6!

Honey and banana porridge

Oats in general are a great option because they are cheap and incredibly filling. For one person simply mix 200ml milk, 50g rolled oats and 1 tpsn honey in a pan and heat on the hob. Slice a banana on the top and squeeze honey over for extra sweetness. £1.20 a portion and will keep you going well past lunch.




Juice+ Pumpkin and ginger soup

Perfect for the cold winter months and another one you can easily batch cook and put to one side for another meal. Find the full recipe here and per portion this comes to £1.65 (and could be even less if you swap out the red onion for a white onion and place the pumpkin with sweet potato!)

Broccoli soup

Another warming, winter classic and requires very few ingredients. Find the full recipe here. The broccoli and curry are the main ingredients along with the milk, so this comes in at only 83p a portion! Freeze and reheat for another mealtime.

Nicoise Salad Wrap

A delicious tuna salad but in a wholemeal wrap, for all the goodness. All you need is a brown grain wrap, a tin of tuna, fresh tomatoes, jarred olives and mayo.  Pop the ingredients in the wrap and squeeze your mayo over the top. Wrap together and enjoy! Just 79p per wrap.




Arrabbiata Wholegrain Spaghetti

A very simple supper choice, packing fibre from the brown pasta and sweetness from your homemade arrabbiata sauce (which is much cheaper than buying from a jar!) For the sauce you need 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 2 chillies, olive oil, 10g basil leaves and 2 garlic cloves. Fry the chilli and crushed garlic in a pan, before adding the chopped tomato. Simmer down before seasoning and adding the basil. Serve with brown spaghetti and green frozen peas for extra goodness. 38p a portion and £1.60 for 4 medium portions.

Chicken skewer and Satay Dip

You can’t go wrong with a peanut dip and you can follow along the full recipe here. Four large kebabs come to near £4.50, which is £1.14 a portion!

Sweet potato and chickpea curry

A veggie curry is such a brilliant mass meal. Sweet potatoes are the perfect for a filling, healthy carbohydrate and the chickpea adds another texture. For 6 people you’ll need one tin of chickpeas, one large sweet potato, one white onion, tin of coconut milk, tin of chopped tomatoes and you’re favourite Indian curry paste. Fry the onion in olive oil, before adding the chopped tomatoes, chilli and curry paste. Mix together then add the chickpeas, chopped sweet potato and boiling water. Season and let simmer. Serve with boiled rice, which comes to £3.97 for 6 and 66p per portion!

Here at Juice+ we are passionate about giving children a healthy start in life and tips and techniques like the above are the perfect start to do this. Find out more information about our programme here.