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16 healthy tips to treat your mom... she deserves it!

Dear Ellen, It’s soon Mother’s Day and I’d like to offer my mom something special to support her health and happiness. Do you have any ideas other than the traditional flowers or restaurant outing?

Moms everywhere deserve to be treated specially on Mother's Day. It is the perfect time to give her something that keeps her health and happiness a top priority. This year, try one of these 16 fun, delicious or relaxing treats which are sure to inspire her healthy habit or feed her fitness fascination!


1. Personal Training Gift Certificate

Offer a session with a personal trainer to teach Mom some new moves at the gym. She’ll learn correct technique, challenging routines and how to build strength which has been proven to be essential in maintaining bone health, weight, chronic illness and stamina. After she learns the moves, think about joining mom for a sweat session since working out with a buddy can help both of you get better results!

2. Yoga Class

Gift mom a voucher for a class or personal session at a local yoga studio. She’ll be able to work on technique, learn new poses and meet like-minded yogis.

3. Stay-fit basket

Instead of a gourmet gift basket filled with sweets, make your own fitness gift basket, which might include:

  • Workout DVD
  • Workout clothes
  • Workout mat
  • Free weights
  • Pedometer
  • A tape measure
  • Your offer to be your mom's health buddy
  • Anything listed below!


4. Brunch Fit for a Queen

Celebrate mom by serving her a nutritious and delicious brunch fit for a queen. Look for recipes that are both healthy and easy for you and any other family members you enlist to help. Decorate the table, or tray for breakfast in bed, with fresh flowers, handmade crafts, pretty china, silver and a cloth napkin. Don't forget to leave the kitchen even cleaner than when you started!

5. Homemade Meal

A nice bottle of wine, a delicious home-cooked meal, and plenty of conversation make a great present. If Mom is the main dinner chef at home, treat her with some precious moments of relaxation while you prepare her favourite meal. Such a simple and heartfelt gift is far better than an expensive one.

6. Restaurant

Choose a restaurant mom loves, avoiding buffet restaurants where healthy choices are often hard to make and overindulging too easy. If you cannot decide where to take mom on her special day, just ask her! She might decide to skip the diet this one time, splurge on a special meal, and enjoy a little indulgence. This is not a problem, as long as she is mindful and remembers to watch her portion sizes. A little preplanning with Juice PLUS+ Complete options can make this easy and delicious!

7. Chocolate

There are a number of health benefits (link to Bring on the Bunnies 1) associated with chocolate including antioxidants, heart disease and other illnesses. Try to choose darker types with less sugar and fewer calories to satisfy her sweet tooth and benefit her heart. Consider accompanying it with a book that describes many the surprising benefits of eating chocolate!

8. Healthy Cook Book, Magazine or Class

A subscription to a healthy cooking magazine, a healthy cookbook, or healthy cooking classes to help mom continue to develop a healthier lifestyle.

9. Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

Gadgets, like a steam basket, grill pan, oil mister, immersion blender or juicer. 

10. Herb Garden Kit

Help mom to enrich the flavour of her healthy cooking with fresh herbs grown at home. Shop at a garden centre (or online) for a fancy pot, soil, plant food, and herb seeds or starter plants such as basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and chives. Wrapping them up with an Herb Mill will help her use those herbs once grown!


11. Massage or relaxing treatment

Massage has been shown to be powerful means of helping mom maintain her health and well-being. Besides the feelings of comfort and improvements in a wide range of medical conditions and situations, massage has been shown as an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Find a local salon and book a massage session or any other relaxing treatment you think your mom would appreciate. 

12. Fancy Pyjamas

Fancy pyjamas make any mom feel special. Splurge on something high-quality that mom might not normally offer herself. Can’t afford it? Why not team up with siblings or dad? Fancy pyjamas might even warrant breakfast in bed!

13. DIY Body Scrub

Encourage your mom to take some “me time” every once in a while with a set of homemade bath products. Staples like oatmeal, sugar, and salt exfoliate, while bananas, milk and oils moisturize. Choose a recipe, mix it up, and put it in a pretty glass jar for an attractive and useful gift.

14. Guided Meditation Class

For 20 reasons why meditation is good for mom’s mental and physical health, print this. A gift card to a guided meditation class can be a perfect introduction to help mom learn how to relax and reconnect.

15. Aromatherapy

Research on the effectiveness of aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants, is limited. However, some studies have shown that aromatherapy might have health benefits, including relief from anxiety and depression and improved sleep quality. However, smelling beautifully scented oils can be a pleasant, comforting experience. Aromatherapy bath products or a set of oils are a great place to start.

16. A weekend away

Organize an away-from-home short vacation for your mom. Think of off-season spots, city excursions at a hotel or invite her to your home where you can pamper her (and yourself) for the weekend using many of the other tips listed above!


May is a month full of long weekends and days off…if you are wondering how you are going to manage this healthfully, read next week’s post

“Long splurge or not to splurge, that is the question”…