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Juice Plus+®

Essentials Omega+ Blend Capsules

€ 45.75/month*


Inspired by nature     
Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend is a plant-based combination of omega 3, 7, and 9 fatty acids, PLUS Vitamin D, Zinc, lutein, and lycopene. Ingredients providing omega fatty acids are derived from fruits, algae and seed oils. The omega 3 fatty acids in Omega+ Blend are derived from a sustainable and vegan source, algae!    

The perfect combination of nature and innovation     
In order to maintain their high-quality, nutrients, the oils are minimally processed and encapsulated in a vegan capsule derived from tapioca starch.    

Recommendations for use
Take 2 capsules of Omega+ Blend every day, preferably at mealtimes with a glass of water. 

We reward your loyalty with exclusive discounts!​
Get juicy discounts on your Juice Plus+ capsules with every recurring order of capsules. You can enjoy a 5% discount on your second shipment and 10% discount on the third and any subsequent shipments of your recurring order of capsules.​

**HSF orders are not included. Full terms and conditions apply.​

Each box consists of     
2 bottles of Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend
Each bottle contains 120 capsules.    


Payment Per Box

*If you choose the option “every 4 months” the next shipment will be automatically sent.

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