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Juice Plus+

Active Duo 60

Uplift by Juice Plus+®

Energy Throughout Your Day!

Each delivery consists of:

Uplift by Juice Plus+ (1 box contains 30 energy sticks).

*If you choose the option “Every 4 months” the next shipment will be automatically sent.

Uplift by Juice Plus+ – a food supplement that fuels your body and mind throughout your day with essential B-vitamins* which:

• Provides you with the energy you need for all your daily activities

• Helps you stay focused and alert throughout your day tackling your tasks at hand

• Reduces lingering tiredness and fatigue to support you throughout your day


Get The Best Out Of Your day! 


Uplift by Juice Plus+ includes - Essential B-vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B9) from Mango, Guava and Lemon and natural caffeine from Yerba Mate – which makes it so special.


Consumption directions Uplift by Juice Plus+

1) Shake the energy stick

2) Tear along the notch to open

3) Mix with 240ml water

4) Stir or shake

5) Enjoy as part of your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

JUICE PLUS+® Perform

Fruit Fusion Shake - 60 Portion

Juice Plus+ Perform tastes good on its own, but feel free to blend it with fresh fruit and vegetables or your favourite plant-based milk. 


Don’t forget! When you prepare a Juice Plus+ Perform shake differently than what is listed on the package, the nutritional profile will change. 


Juice Plus+ Perform should be consumed as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

*If you choose the option “Every 4 months” the next shipment will be automatically sent.

More than just a protein shake! 
Juice Plus+ Perform is a performance shake that works as hard as you do. This food supplement shake has a big PLUS: it supports multiple aspects of fitness performance, with additional ingredients, that other protein shakes simply don’t have. ​  

This shake provides a high amount (25g) of soy protein per serving for muscle growth¹, B vitamins for mental performance² and energy production³ and vitamin D for bone support⁴.

25g plant-based protein per serving for muscle growth¹.
Soy protein is the only source of vegan protein that gives you the same benefits as animal proteins. Soy protein achieves the best score according to PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score) by providing all 9 essential amino acids and high digestibility, making soy protein the best plant-based protein to support the growth in muscle mass.   


Naturally occurring vitamins for mental performance² and energy production³  plus bone support⁴.
All ingredients in Juice Plus+ Perform are wholefood-based, which means no artificial ingredients go into your body. B vitamins are delivered through a complex blend of guava, mango and lemon to support energy production³  and mental focus², along with Vitamin D, occurring in UV-treated mushroom powder, for bone support⁴.   


Made with these key ingredients:

› 25g high-quality plant-based soy protein per serving 

› Naturally occurring B vitamins from guava, mango and lemon extracts 

› Naturally occurring vitamin C from acerola cherry 

› Naturally occurring vitamin D from UV-treated mushroom powder

› Only 6.5g of sugar per serving from naturally sourced sugars 

› Only 143 calories per serving

Directions: Juice Plus+ Perform is a creamy shake with a fruity flavor. 

• Juice Plus+ Perform is a creamy shake with a fruity flavor. 

• Pop two scoops of Perform (40g) in a shaker bottle. 

• Add 300ml of cold water 

• Shake it like you mean it! 

• Enjoy! 


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