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9 Easy Success Habits That Will Make This Your Best Year Yet

Since I began living in the Northern Hemisphere, September has become the time of year that brings out new shiny pencil cases for the kiddos, and the smell of renewed possibility for me.
If there are things I've lost steam with over the summer, or there's something new I want to start, I love thinking of this "back-to-school month" as a just in the knick o' time reminder that we can still kick butt before another year comes to a close, if we just keep our eye on the prize of manifesting our goals.
Remember, life this minute is the sum of everything we do each day, week, and month. Our habits add up over time, and when we cultivate the right ones, we can't help but live a life that's better than the one we used to dream about.
Here are 9 Easy to Cultivate Success Habits, that will help you make 2019 one of your best years yet.

1) Keep Revisiting Your Goals With Fresh Eyes. 

If you haven't written down your goals, get to it – there's magic to be found doing so. Writing them out on a daily, or at least weekly basis, with renewed feeling each time rewires your brain for action and focus.
Writing out your goals builds momentum builds and draws your goals to you by keeping them top-of-mind.
Most importantly, though, make sure they're YOUR goals, and not what feels cool today because your best friend's sister is having screaming success with it.
Success comes more easily when you work out why your goals are important to you and are driven from “your” higher purpose vs. what's cool with those around you.
When we keep in our own lane, with blinkers on if that helps, and do more of what lights up our soul, we can't lose.

2) Don't Wait to Feel Motivated or Good About Yourself Before Taking Action. 

If you want to get motivated and feel good, action HAS to come first. Taking action is what allows motivation and inspiration to exist.
So get going even when it doesn't feel like the right time.
Here's how I beat procrastination: I tell myself to get stuck into something for 10mins, and if I'm not feeling it after 10mins, I allow myself to do something else.
And guess what?
95% of the time those 10mins are enough to get me into the flow of whatever activity I wanted to do, and I'm more than happy to keep going.
The trick is your brain thinks it only has to try for 10mins. And we can all give something a go for 10mins, right?!

3) Take Self-Care Seriously.

People who continue to be successful know the right things to eat and drink for their own well-being. They make the time to exercise because they understand how much further it brings them.
They go to bed and get up at times they've worked out bring out the best in them mentally, emotionally, and physically.
And way up there on their list of priorities is taking time out for themselves to get quiet. Soul time. Because that's the time they come up with their best ideas, whether it's through meditation or losing themselves in nature for a while.
4) Consistency is EVERYTHING. (h2)
Doing a little each day towards your goals is better than once a week. Because a little each day is what helps build a habit and the momentum to keep going. Even when you don't feel like it.
I believe it also helps build dependability and trust in yourself. When you're consistent, there's part of your brain that no longer has to think about something. The activity becomes automatic.
For me, that's been exercise. I started working out 3 times a week in my early 20's, and nearly 3 decades later, I still do it. I don't think about it. It just gets done. But the sense of accomplishment I feel after each 20min (yep, that’s all) session doesn’t get stale – it’s what fuels other areas of my life.
Building that habit helped me trust that I can keep consistent with other goals I make too

5) Have a Mindset of Stressing Less. 

This felt like wishful thinking until I began understanding that life only throws at us what we can handle. Or what we deep down desire or need, to grow and get to the next level of what we came here for.
I believe that when we manage stressful situations well and with relative ease, we then draw more significant opportunities to us. It's like we're saying "Yes, Universe, I'm ready for the next level, for bigger and exciting opp's, so please send them my way." And she does.
So I've learned not to let things derail me as much as they did, even when a part of me is screaming, "You should be losing your shizz over this!!!"
How? I try to look at "obstacles" from a place of curiosity and learning. I stop staring at the possible "train wreck" and ask myself: Hmmm ok, so why do I think this happened? That's interesting.
Then I decide it's just another part of the adventure. And feel into "What's next?" Because EVERY Thing Is Figure-Out-Able if you allow it to be.

6) Take a Stand On Fear. 

Recently I've become taken with this acronym for FEAR:
Being scared and doing it anyway is like any muscle we train – it gets stronger with practice.
Of course we're going to start off terrified and wanting to throw up whenever we try something new, but over time, the more we say YES without thinking and create a history for ourselves of doing new things and not only surviving but feeling darn accomplished from doing the thing, the easier it becomes to step outside our comfort zone and meet our fear head-on.
Here's a technique I use to help me say Yes! to more of the things that scare me.
It's a simple daily habit that also helps you raise your joy and happiness set point. I call it the Yes! Technique
From the moment you wake up in the morning, start saying the word "YES!" and keep repeating the word Yes! and thinking Yes! and feeling Yes!
What does "Yes" feel like in your heart, your hands, your brain? What does it feel like in your gut?
Jump out of your bed and continue saying it – jump up in the air and say YES! to your life, to your past, to your future, say yes to yourself, look in the mirror and continue saying that magical word.
The more you say it, the higher your vibration will skyrocket, and you'll find yourself magnetising bigger and more exciting opportunities.

7) Cut the Whinging.

The world responds to you based on what you believe to be true about you. Only YOU get to decide what's right for you. What you're capable of. Only YOU can step into your power and decide that life gets to be easy and full of flow and grace.
So avoid the negative self-talk and the toxic narrative, so many of us have running through our heads.
Here’s how to cut down on the complaining by catching yourself and bringing your attention back to the present moment
: Wear a rubber band and snap it against your wrist each time you complain, or a bracelet that you move to the other wrist.
Either way, they're a physical cue that will help you keep aware of how many times you complain in a day, prompt you to examine why you're complaining, and help you short-circuit it.

8) See Self Improvement As Essential As the Air You Breathe.

Learn from people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Forget your well-meaning aunt, neighbor, or the sparkly guy in marketing. Seek out those who have physically done what you want to do.
Get cosy with Jim Rohn's quote: "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Instead of putting up with people who'd rather keep you at their level, seek out those who are already living at the next level you seek – doing, being and having the things you also desire for your life.

9) Choose JOY, Always. 

For me cultivating this as a habit is the secret sauce for success. If you want to own your confidence and lower the volume on the voices around you, do more of what brings you joy.
Because joy is the highest calibration of energy, there is. It's magnetic. For us humans, it's our superpower. It's what aligns us fully and entirely with Source.
It's what clears doubt and releases resistance.
Being successful is about putting the work in. For sure. But it's also about knowing you're here to enjoy life, not endure it.
Above all, when we can be playful with our goals and day-to-day tasks, we allow for the magic of life to pick us up and propel us forward.Here’s to living life with as much joy and magic as possible.