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All you need to know about phytonutrients and are afraid to ask!

What is a phytonutrient or phytochemical?


Phytonutrients are naturally found chemicals in plants which help protect them from germs, fungi, bugs and predator pests. Some researchers estimate up 60,000-100,000 phtoytonutrients and many hundreds of these compounds have been identified and are currently being investigated for their health-promoting qualities.


Why all the hype?


When we consume fruits and vegetables, their phytonutrients can also protect us from health risks. Fruits and vegetables are the primary source of phytonutrients and though they are officially considered "non-essential nutrients," (not necessary for survival), they are proving to be vital for optimal health.

What is Juice PLUS+ philosophy on phyto’s?


Through the use of essential ingredients from juice and pulp of selected fruit and vegetable varieties, supplemented by other natural ingredients, Juice PLUS+ was composed to provide an optimal combination of phytonutrients. The aim of the entire production process – from the harvest through juice extraction, is to ensure that as many phytonutrients as possible are preserved.

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