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Top 10 “Eat Healthy” SMART “One Simple change” resolutions

10 One Simple Changes you can think of to eat healthier

If healthy eating tops your resolution list for 2013, you're not alone. Many of us stumble into a new year, laden with Christmas cheer and the desire to make up for the excesses of the festive season, or the prior year!  Here are 10 “One Simple Changes” that you could make this year. Here are 10 One Simple Changes you can think of to eat healthier:

  1. Purchase enough fruit and/or vegetables weekly to reach the 5 per day or 50% of your food intake, WHO Healthy Diet recommendation thereby “crowding out” other less healthy choices. Frozen and canned options are ok too, just read the labels to ensure salt and/or additives are not excessive.
  2. Place fruit in the car and/or office. Organize containers if necessary so that it is nearby and always the simplest choice on hand.
  3. Take Juiceplus Complete to ensure adequate fruit/vegetable nourishment, especially when you are stuck and cannot reach your goal….life happens!
  4. Buy, order or make soup weekly for before or alongside meals thereby “crowding out” other less healthy options.
  5. Make a list of and purchase lean protein (meat, dairy, nuts, pulses) according to your weeks schedule and organize to have on hand for snack or mealtime.
  6. Integrate lean protein into every meal or snack since protein generally increases satiety to a greater extent than carbohydrate or fat and may facilitate a reduction in energy consumption
  7. Organize healthy snack options like Juiceplus Complete. Want some more healthy snack ideas?
  8. Obtain a great bottle, cup or mug you love and fill with water throughout the day, aiming to drink the 1 – 2 litre WHO recommendation.
  9. Choose complex carbohydrates whenever possible to keep glycaemic load and cravings low.
  10. Eat about every 4 hours seated, slowly and mindful of your hunger sensations