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Juice Plus+®

Fruit & Vegetable Chewables (Child)


A choice of delicious flavours
The nutritional Juice PLUS+ Powder made from 18 kinds of fruit, vegetables and berries in its tastiest form. Especially popular with children, Juice PLUS+ Soft Chews are a very valuable addition to the diet of young people. Of course, Juice PLUS+ Soft Chews are suitable, in double dosage, for adults too.

Recommendations for use by children
2 fruit and 2 vegetable Soft Chews per day. From 14 years up, the regular dosage of 4 selected fruit and 4 selected vegetable Soft Chews per day is recommended.

Each delivery consists of
2 pouches of Juice PLUS+ selected vegetables
2 pouches of Juice PLUS+ selected fruit
1 pouch contains 120 chewables

Payment Per Box

*Plus tax, where applicable. Shipped to you in full and payable in 4 monthly installments.
Your next 4-month supply of Juice Plus+ will ship automatically.

(Every 4 Months Delivery, please visit the ARO page to place your order and enjoy 5% off)

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