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5 Ways to Use Feng Shui to Transform Your Wellbeing, Wealth and Love


Feng Shui is based on the idea that about a third of what we are seeking to attract into our life, is determined by the energy of the spaces around us. 

This means if you are facing stagnation in some area of your life (e.g. in wellbeing, relationships, business or money) you might want to look at the concept of Feng Shui and how the spaces around you could be affecting or limiting your growth in those areas. 


Zen Buddha Silence


We know that everything is energy. And that energy flows everywhere - throughout our body, rooms, and spaces.

Feng Shui is the art of harnessing this energy to create better results in every area of your life.


Here are 5 ways you can Feng Shui your home and office, to transform the way your life looks and feels:



In each place you sit, sleep or work, it's always important to make sure that you can see the door, and have the space to receive in front of you. 

When you can see the door, you create opportunities.


Open Door To A New Home. Door Handle With Key And Home Shaped Keychain. Mortgage, Investment, Real E


If your desk or bed is positioned so that your back is to the door, or to the incoming energy, you close off opportunities.

So wherever you are, turn your desk/sofa around so that you see the incoming flow, and always make sure your back is supported; that you have no emptiness behind you. 

Think of it like this, a view might be nice but money doesn't come in through the window, thieves come in through the window and take money away.



Start by decluttering 10-25% of whatever you have around you, because all that surrounds you influences you non-stop, 24hrs a day.

If you're having trouble concentrating, feel overwhelmed, or tired, it could be because there's too much "stuff" around you.

When you declutter the energy around you by removing things, you'll have more space for your energy to flow and allow more good things to come to you.


Man Holding Pile Of Clothes


Also, think about the essence of the objects in your space. 

For example, if you're looking to bring more romance into your life, don't put too many images of biblical verses or scriptures around your bedroom.

Instead, place those in a space where you would meditate.

Or, as another example, instead of placing pictures of your family or social life in your office, focus on images of success for your particular line of work.

Remember, every space has to have its own dynamic.

Decluttering is not just about removing the chaos but about looking at everything around you, and seeing whether what is there feels like a match for how you want to feel in that space.


Abstract Colorful Oil Painting On Canvas Texture. Hand Drawn Brush Stroke, Oil Color Paintings Backg



Colour uplifts your energy and can make you feel more aligned with what you want to accomplish.

Gold, for example, is the colour of abundance and wealth.

So if that's what you want to attract more of into your life, make sure there are some gold objects around you. Gold picture frames, for instance.

Rose is a color for love, so if you're wanting to attract in more love, place rose coloured items around you in the bedroom. This will bring in more loving energy, no matter if you're single or already in a relationship.



Want to release stress in the bedroom?

Don't have mirrors that reflect your bed. If you do, you're doubling the stress that we all bring into that space, no matter how zen we might think we are.

If a mirror is reflecting your bed, you'll be doubling your need for sleep, for example, or doubling the number of people in the bedroom.

So if you're single, you're actually saying there's already another person in my bed, which will stop you from attracting romance.


Grey, King-size Bed In Bedroom


Or if there are 2 of you already sharing your bed, that mirror will suggest there are multiple choices and invite in the possibility of a wandering eye. 

If you already have mirrors in the bedroom that cannot be moved, just cover them at night. On the other hand, putting mirrors in the living room is inviting in an energy of doubling whatever you have there, and is more in tune to attracting in more abundance. 

Place mirrors in hallways that are small to open them up. 

And always ask yourself "What is my mirror doubling, and does that feel good?'


Place a mirror to the left or right of a door so that you are doubling the number of clients walking in.





If you're wanting to create more harmony in your life, choose objects that are curvy, round, and oval. And remove things such as cacti, arrows, and pointed objects.

Interestingly the sharp edges of a cactus or plant with pointed leaves, affect your aura field, and the part of your house/office in which they sit.

With such edges, you'll "feel" more on edge, and sharp objects will facilitate the arising of conflict. 

If you have such plants, simply put them outside, in a place where you don't live, sleep or work. And bring in ones that have rounder leaves, or a rounder overall look.


Stone Garden Arrangement At House Entrance With Green And White Plants And Concrete Plant Pots


Also avoid having sharp objects, particularly furniture, point towards you, as they can make you feel uncomfortable, without understanding why, and not want to sit there for too long. 

Removing things with sharp edges in the home and office will make those spaces feel more harmonious. 

There are my 5 tips for applying Feng Shui into your life today.

Can't wait to hear how making these simple adjustments to your living spaces create a transformation in your wellbeing, wealth and relationships!