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Vanessa Gatelein


I truly believe that when are you eating well and taking good care of yourself... your life will be completely different.


Let me help you create a new relationship with food.

I work with really busy people who are struggling with their diet and lifestyle. We sometimes eat too much or overdo the coffee or wine in the evenings, don’t we?
I'm here to help you find out what's zapping your energy and to learn where you are getting blocked, because we know we should eat more vegetables and drink more water, but we often don’t manage to do it. That’s where I can help you!
Follow me… we’ll look at how to make changes “one simple change” at a time. I’m talking about making changes for long-term results. That means… No diets!! No deprivation!!! And instead… more fun and discovery!!
To your health!

About Vanessa’s Experience

Vanessa received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Certified as a Health Coach in 2011, she participates twice a year in furthering her education in coaching, lifestyle and nutrition. Learn more about her programs at

Vanessa’s previous experience includes over fifteen years in Advertising and Marketing in New York and abroad. Her last position was as Global Consumer Engagement Manager, managing and consulting on projects in 15+ countries worldwide while based in Lausanne, Switzerland. This enables her to know first hand the trials and tribulations of work-life balance, managing jet lag, and surviving in today’s corporate environment.


  • There is no one diet for everyone.
  • Everything is food.
  • Add-in the good stuff to crowd out the bad stuff.
  • Deconstruct the craving.
  • Focus on sustainable and long term changes.

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