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9 Kid Friendly BBQ Foods

The long summer holidays are finally here, and whilst it’s amazing to have so much free time with the kids, how do you keep the food you’re serving interesting?

Luckily we’ve got you covered, as this blog covers exciting kids BBQ ideas, as well as kids friendly BBQ side dishes (which can often be the hardest part to get right!)




1. Mini burgers


Burgers are a great option for kids BBQ food, especially when you make them bite size!

Hunt down the smallest burger buns you can find in the supermarket and make small burger patty buns, which you can fit in between. You can use any mincemeat you like, beef, pork or even turkey works really well for a delicious burger.

Add some herbs, salt and pepper and bind with a raw egg before frying. If you want to squeeze some extra goodness out of this one, try some bright red cabbage or lettuce leaves in there too.


2. Child friendly cheesy pasta salad


This is an excellent one for a kids BBQ party, as you can make it in mass. And it’s official, kids really like cheese!

All you need is a fun and easy to eat pasta shape (I personally like fusilli or the bows), a tonne of grated cheese, some butter and a few of your kids favourite veggies. I would suggest peas, carrots or even peppers.

Boil the pasta and then drain, before adding all the cheese and butter, so it melts as the pasta is hot. Add your carrots, peas and chopped up pepper for a little kick of goodness.




3. The kid friendly green salad


It can be tough getting children to eat anything green, but persevere with this BBQ side for your kids.

Go for a non-strongly flavoured lettuce leaf, like iceberg for example, and shred it into pieces. Add peas, which tend to be a good sweet favourite, along with some cucumber shredded into ribbons and some mint to bring out the peas.

Keep the portion size small – but it’s packed with goodness!


4. Sticky chicken skewers


Children can be fascinated by the smoke and fire from the BBQ, so it’s good to have a few kid friendly grilling recipes up your sleeve.

These sticky chicken skewers are a fab option, simply marinade them in honey and soya sauce before grilling. The combination should caramelise the outside, leaving a really sticky outer layer!


Homemade Nuggets From Chicken In A Bowl And On A Plate  On A Wooden Table


5. Homemade kids chicken nuggets


Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? These don’t have to be the unhealthy ones you’re used to picking up in the fast food restaurants, these are simple and fresh and an excellent BBQ finger food idea.

First blend up some bread into breadcrumbs, and place in a bowl. Cut your chicken into strips and dip in a bowl of whisked egg, before covering in breadcrumbs.

Repeat on all your chicken strips before placing inside a BBQ grill.


6. Chunky wedges


Classic but you can’t go wrong with these, especially if they are homemade. 

Try adding a tiny bit of paprika to add a new flavour, and make sure you parboil the potatoes before cooking for extra crispiness.


Fresh Fruits On Skewers In Plate On Table, Closeup


7. Fruit kebabs


You will probably see this in every barbecue ideas for kids blog, as these are just such a colourful and delicious addition to your spread.

Pick the brightest fruit you can, including watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and berries and get your children to make them yourself (watch them on the sharp skewers though!)

Such fun and so colourful. Drizzle with lemon juice for extra kick.


8. Ice cream sundae


Another kids BBQ party food, which they can get involved in.

Choose their favourite flavours and let them get creative in their dish, adding fruit, sprinkles and even syrup.


Top view strawberry, matcha and vanilla ice cream in bowl on white rustic wooden background.


9. Rainbow ice cubes


And finally, the perfect little party pleaser. Freeze berries or strawberries in your ice cubes to make them bright coloured and instantly more exciting for the family.