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Ready to Give Up? Try These 5 Mental Fitness Tips Instead

When it comes to making food and lifestyles changes there are 5 common excuses we all tend to use when the going gets a little tough.

If you’ve ever found yourself using one (or more!) of the following excuses, then we’ve got the antidotes right here:

If you’re someone who feels like you have no time or you can’t see how to fit this new thing you want to do (think new workout routine, smoothie making, or a meditation practice) into your busy schedule:





When you complete your thing first thing in the morning, you’ll feel more set up for the day.

But not only will you feel that sweet satisfaction of taking care of you first, you’ll also end up creating more time for yourself (oh yes!) by simply not wasting any time on moaning about why you haven’t yet done your thing.


When you’re lacking in motivation mojo:

Remind yourself of what you’re trying to achieve, what your longer-term goal is and how darn good you’re going to feel when you get there!




When you do, you’ll feel much more motivated and more likely to stick with your commitment. You’ve got this!


This is for when you’re ready to throw yourself on the floor and yell, “I’m done. I’m over it. I quit!”

this can actually be an exciting point!


Athlete fitness running woman with headache migraine pain during cardio workout run. Asian athlete w


Instead, say to yourself “Perhaps this meltdown I’m about to slide into means I’m on the verge of making a breakthrough, and that’s why my resistance is coming up”.

When you do this, YOU get to take control back from that little voice inside your head and realise you can keep going after all!


Sometimes we find ourselves doing so well that we want to put our progress on speed-dial, by jumping on every shiny new thing we can.

Thinking we’re bound to get more benefit by doing more.




Imagine starting Paleo, intermittent fasting and HIIT workouts, the same week you give up coffee, sugar, vino, and decide to go for that promotion at work!

When we do this we end up getting overwhelmed to the point of wanting to quit faster than if we’d stuck to taking things step-by-step.


Fitness man looking ahead at stairs climbing challenge. Runner going up running staircase for cardio


and then, when you’re feeling solid with those results, try the next one.


This is for all those times you think you’re not getting anywhere, so heck, you must be failing at whatever you’ve been trying. 

In this moment, step outside yourself and allow for the possibility that perhaps you can’t physically “see” your results yet.

But, if you just keep being at whatever it is you’ve committed to, the results come.


Fit Sporty Smiling African And Caucasian Men Giving High Five At Group Training, Motivated Diverse M


Obviously I’m not suggesting to keep going with anything that is making you sick. But sometimes results will be slow to come. Or we’ll plateau right when we thought we should be further along with our progress. 

When this happens, it’s definitely the time to give up!

Consistency always wins out. Trust yourself. No matter the excuse you thought you had,