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5 Healthy Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day.


We all want to be truly seen, understood and appreciated by the one we love. Here are a bunch of ideas to make your honey and you feel special and connected again.



Spend Some Quality Time At Home

·  Bubble Bath: Candles, hot water and time.  There’s no rushing here… don’t force the talking. Soak, relax and let the water do its trick.

· Sexy Snacks: Lounge in your birthday suits noshing on sexy snacks i.e. bite sized yummies that you feed each other. Think dark chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, cut small pieces of fruit or sushi rolls. Go slow. No scarfing food down. The slower you eat… the better.

·  Slow Dance: Ahem… I think you know what to do.




Cook Food Together

Food is an experience of the senses. Smell. Taste. Touch. Look. Listen.

· Lots of body contact is required during this cooking session.

· Start out by savoring a lovely wine and continue with chopping a gorgeous vegetable together. This is where you let your lover give you direction with their hands and show you how to cut and chop.

· Touch and feed each other. Really smell the food and wake up your senses.



Get Sweaty Together

There’s a sense of achievement in completing something together.

·  Ski or snowboard in the mountains and end in a steamy hot salt-water bath at a spa.

·  Hire a personal trainer and do a couple’s workout that focuses on teamwork.

· Partner Yoga is amazing. You do poses that rely on each other’s body weight to really feel it. It creates a wonderful balancing connection between you two. Partner yoga can also be done by extreme beginners.



Go Somewhere Unconventional

· Hit the Spa: Warm water salt baths, sauna and steam room to loosen you two up.

·  Theme Park: Be a kid again and make out after the rollercoaster when your blood is pumping.

· Games: Laser tag, bowling or driving range. Get moving and that heart rate up together.



Do Something Good Together

· Volunteer… Remember this is about building the connection between you two and creating a shared experience.

·  Some ideas? Do a food drive, raise money, build a house or participate in a cleaning up of the forest. Whatever it is, share in the feeling of doing good for others.



Important Tips

·  Leave criticism out of it. It’s not important to do it “right” or have the most perfect magical moment. It’s very important to accept yourself as you are and your lover as they are.

·  Make eye contact: They say that eyes are windows to the soul.

·  Make body contact. It takes 20 seconds for a hug to unleash the power of oxytocin that helps us to bond with one another. So hold hands, sit and cuddle together to feel the amazing goodness of oxytocin.

· During this time… reflect on what it means to really, really see your partner, lover or friend. It could just change your whole relationship.