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5 Things That You Can Do Today To Reduce Food Waste

With the forever increasing costs of food prices, throwing food away is a waste of money. There is a massive movement at the moment to crack down on food waste and utilise food in different and inventive ways in order to save money.

Here are 5 top tips focusing on how you can reduce your food waste today:


1. Become Best Friends With Your Freezer

Freezers are extremely underrated, but they can be one of the most useful kitchen appliances that you own. They’re great for stock piling food; batch cooked meals and leftovers that will help you save money. Things like excess coconut milk can be stored in ice cube trays in the freezer until you need to cook with it again.


2. Plan Your Weekly Meals

Meal planning is a great way to budget and save money as well as reducing food waste. When you create your meal plan for the week, you only need to buy the ingredients you need rather than buying excessive amounts.


3. Get Inventive With Your Leftovers

Leftovers are wonderful for saving time and money in the kitchen. When you cook be mindful that it can be reinvented into something else for dinner the next day. For example, a chilli con carne can also be stuffed in to enchiladas for a tasty twist.


4. Keep a Well Stocked Store Cupboard

A kitchen full of delicious spices and tinned goods means that you can always rustle up a mouth-watering meal for the family. Also, it means that you are able to create something delicious by using up your leftovers.


5. Be Mindful Of Your Portions

A lot of the time, food ends up in the bin because we’ve cooked too much and not sure what to do with the excess. If this rings a bell, try to cook only what you need for that meal to reduce your food waste.