Our Business Model

You love your life and the opportunities it gives you. You love spending your free time with family and friends, so you want to stay fit and healthy and enhance the quality of your life. Which includes a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. Are you familiar with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle? Then use your knowledge and become part of the healthcare market – one of the fastest growing markets in the 21st century.

Need a plan B? We have one for you!

We have the appropriate business model for you to achieve the right work-life balance: Juice Plus+ Franchise. It allows you to increase your monthly income on a part-time basis. There’s no investment or risk. And you are free to work whenever you like. So over time, your “Plan B” could become “Plan A”. This is your chance to shape your own future. 





Brand name product

Tried and proven system

Direct sales



Network Marketing


Home-based business

Benefits of the Juice Plus+ Franchise

Whether full time or as a part-time job from home: Juice Plus+ Franchise offers you an incredible number of benefits – here are three of them:


Low investment, low risk, low overhead


No "bricks & mortar“. No need to purchase product inventory. We ship Juice Plus+ directly to your customers.

Built around the way you live


Build the Juice Plus+ business around your life – not vice versa.

Part of the rapidly growing health & wellness industry


Health and nutrition are quickly becoming a top consumer priority in the 21st century.

Become a Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner in just three easy steps – here’s how!

Step 1 – Get to know and love Juice Plus+

Only when you yourself believe in the benefits of Juice Plus+ will you be able to inspire others.

Step 2 – Apply to become a Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner

Do you want to introduce Juice Plus+ and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to other people? Then tell your Juice Plus+ contact – they will forward your application to us along with the fee of 100 EUR.

Step 3 – set up your own business with our proven Juice Plus+ franchise system.

With your Juice Plus+ “sponsor” and our Corporate support team behind you, you will steadily build your business. Using our proven model, you can quickly and easily inspire other people to live a healthy life.