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Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 7, 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, I declare to have knowledge of the Juice Plus+® Company Italy srl Disclosure on the processing of my personal data, to have been fully informed about my rights and how and where to exercise them; as such, I give my consent to the processing and communication of my personal data with respect to the purpose of the disclosure itself.

I confirm to have read the International Franchise Partner Contract (the "Contract"), the Juice+ Plus Marketing Plan and rules in the Juice Plus+ Independence and Rules, Juice Plus+ Code of Conduct, Image sharing and AVEDISCO Code of Ethics. I understand that these documents form an integral part of the Juice Plus+ Contract ("Supplementary Documents"), and I agree to comply with all of the Juice Plus+ Franchise contractual terms as currently published and integrated, and I accept and agree to comply with changes and updates that will be made to the Juice Plus+ Contract and Supplementary Documents.

I agree to indemnify Juice Plus+ and to hold it harmless from any liability for any type of claim, cost, damage, loss, liability or expense (including legal fees) arising from or directly or indirectly related to any violation of this Contract, the provisions of supplementary documents or other conduct that may be attributed to me, my agent, employees or any other person on behalf of myself pursuant to my organisation. I acknowledge that, in the event of a breach of the Contract, Juice Plus+ will have the right to terminate the Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner Contract and make claims for damage caused due to such breach, as well as take appropriate inhibitory measures to avoid any additional violations of this contract.

I also agree to be sponsored by the person whose signature appears under my own signature. As an Independent Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner, I will not store, process, or forward credit card or customer debit card information outside of the, or Juice Plus+ sites. When credit or debit card information from a customer is received, I will advise the customer to NOT to send this information by email, SMS, or any other messaging service (such as a social media messenger). If credit or debit card data are stored, such data will be stored only on paper spreadsheets or order copies.As a Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner, I have read the legislation for protecting customer credit and debit card information, and I agree to comply with the corporate policy at all times.

My position as a Juice Plus+ Franchise Partner can be cancelled at any time by submitting a specific written request to Juice Plus+.

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