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1.     Welcome to the website of Juice Plus + Ltd (hereinafter: “the Website” and “Juice Plus” respectively). Juice Plus markets dietary supplements all over the world with the objective of inspiring a healthy lifestyle worldwide. Users choosing to visit and/or use the Juice Plus Website and/or App may do so under their sole responsibility and for their personal and private needs only, and subject to the terms of use set forth therein.

2.     By using the Juice Plus Website and/or App, and/or the services offered therein, whether by browsing them and or by fully and/or partially accessing the Website or App via various platforms and medias such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others, you are confirming acceptance of the Juice Plus Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to one or more of the Terms of Use, then please do not use the Website or App.

3.     For convenience sake only, the privacy policy is formulated in masculine form, and use of the masculine form refers to both male and female alike, and to a body of persons, whether it is a corporation or not. The words “Content” or “Information”, include among other things: text, data, symbols, terms or instructions, software, video, audio, images, audio files, creations, trademarks, service marks, commercial names, patents, designs etc. The word “User” refers to a private individual, over the age of 16 and a resident of Israel, who is using the Website or App. If you are a minor (under the age of 18), use of the service and/or Website and/or App is conditional upon receipt of permission from your parents or guardian.

4.     During your registration to the Website or App, and/or while you are browsing and/or using them, and/or when you provide information to the Juice Plus representative, Juice Plus collects and store information about Juice Plus users. The data collected about the Users, whether conveyed actively or not, will be kept in the Juice Plus database, and Juice Plus and its owners may use the information about the Users for website purposes and/or the Company's business purposes, including analysis and provision of statistical information to third parties, including contractors and/or service providers and/or advertisers.

5.     Use of all or part of the services offered on the Website and/or App requires prior registration and/or entering, inter alia, personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, and contact information, including telephone numbers and email address. Said information is provided by the User knowingly during the actions he or she performs for the purpose of registration and the provision of some of this information is one of the Website's terms of use. For the sake of clarification, the user is under no obligation to provide said personal information, however, provision of erroneous information or failure to provide some of the details in the fields marked as mandatory fields, may result in the user only being able to use part of the applications on the Website.

6.     Information accumulated about the User’s activity on the Website and/or App when the Website and/or App, and or the services therein are used, may be recorded automatically and statically by Juice Plus (for example, pages viewed by the User, the services and offers they were interested in, ads they read, etc.), as well as information about the User's computer, information from the User's browser, including the User's IP address and software and hardware features. This is performed, inter alia, by means of applications that accumulate information (Cookies) about the user including by third parties, for the additional purpose of customizing the services to the User's personal preferences.

7.     Personal information provided by the User and information accumulated during their activity on the Juice Plus Website or App shall be kept on Juice Plus's database. Juice Plus and its databases are secured according to the accepted industry standard, and Juice Plus dedicates resources and takes the necessary precautions to prevent penetration of the Website and curb any possible violation of the Users' privacy. However, since the Website operates in an online environment, Juice Plus is unable to promise complete immunity to the penetration to its computers or exposure of the information stored by it. It should be clarified that in the event that the Juice Plus server is penetrated by a third party, the Website Users shall bring no allegations, claims, or demands against Juice Plus, the Website or App, their managers and operators.

8.     Without derogating from the aforementioned, User information is collected for: (a) the purpose of allowing, streamlining and improving the use of the various services offered by Juice Plus; (b) identification and handling of security issues, deceit, fraud and/or other issues: (c) the purpose of modification or canceling existing services and content; (d) the purpose of contacting users; (e) the purpose of sending promotional mail; (f) the purpose of the ongoing operation and management of the Website and App.

9.     Subject to the law and this Privacy Policy, Juice Plus shall not deliver the User’s personal information to third parties, other than companies that belong to the Juice Plus Group or to Juice Plus partners, except in the following cases: (a) if the User has consented; (b) in the event of a legal dispute between the User and Juice Plus / the Website and/or it owners and/or its managers and/or its operators and/or a third party (c) if the user commits any unlawful actions on the Website; (d) if a judicial order is issued instructing Juice Plus to deliver the User's details or information about him or her to a third party in accordance with the provisions of the law; (e) in the event that Juice Plus and/or its owners are under threat of legal actions against them for the User’s actions on the Website or App; (f) as part of legal proceedings, even without a court order, including for the purpose of adding the User as a party to legal proceedings being conducted due an act or omission on the part of the User.

10.   In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, you may request to peruse the details of the information stored in the Juice Plus database, to correct or to delete it, by emailing [email protected].

11.   Should the Juice Plus Website or App contain references and links to other Websites and/or Apps, and should the user make use of the services offered by these Websites and Apps, the Privacy Policy of said third parties, who have their own privacy policies, shall apply to the User.

12.   From time to time, Juice Plus may change this Privacy Policy. In any event in which material changes are made to the provisions of the Policy regarding the use of the personal information you provided, a notice shall be published on the matter.

13.   By browsing the Juice Plus Website or App, the User agrees to the terms of use (including this policy) and agrees that any details provided and/or stemming from his or her activity on the Website and/or App, including the information collected during the use thereof, shall be stored in said databases, and the User hereby waives any claim he or she might have in connection with the aforesaid collection of information.

14.   By using the Website and/or App and by providing user information, the User confirms that Juice Plus may, from time to time, send him or her updates and/or other marketing material by means of their information, including via email and/or SMS messages.

Updated and effective Tuesday, 29 June 2021
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