Beginner Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Indoor Growing Tips for Beginners

Maybe you’ve never tended a garden, or your houseplants always end up not quite as healthy (or alive) as they need to be. Naturally, you’re wondering whether you can really do this or not. We're here to tell you that you can! You've got this! Every new project comes with a learning curve, but follow these steps, and you’ll have a thriving garden in no time.

1. Find the ideal location

Placing your Tower Garden in or near your kitchen keeps fresh herbs and produce within easy reach. If you don’t have space in your kitchen or main living area, a garage or greenhouse also offers protection from harsh weather. Wherever you locate it, just make sure your Tower Garden is easy to access so you can enjoy your harvests!

Tower Tip: Use a rug or utility mat to protect your floors against possible spilled water.

2. Use high-quality lighting

A successful garden depends on good light, and a high-quality light source is essential when growing inside. If you've purchased your Tower Garden with lights or as an add-on, those LED Indoor Grow Lights are designed specifically to facilitate plant growth. Since they’re LEDs, they stay cool to the touch and consume less energy. (Many standard grow lights consume too much energy, don’t provide enough light for healthy plant growth, or produce too much heat and can burn plants.)

Run grow lights for 14–16 hours every day. (Pro tip: Use the automated timer provided in your LED Indoor Grow Lights Kit.) Plants appreciate a little darkness, too, as that’s when they do much of their growing.

3. Lettuces, leafy greens, and herbs grow best

When you’re just starting out indoors, we recommend growing non-fruiting plants, which are simpler to care for. If this sounds like a limitation, prepare to be amazed by the variety of flavours and textures you can achieve with these plants.

Here’s a list of 21 plants ideal for indoor growing:

  1. Asian greens (komatsuna, pak choi, tatsoi, and more)
  2. Basil
  3. Chives
  4. Coriander
  5. Cress
  6. Cutting celery
  7. Dill
  8. Kale
  9. Lettuce
  10. Mint
  11. Mizuna
  12. Mustard greens
  13. Oregano
  14. Parsley
  15. Radicchio
  16. Rocket
  17. Sage
  18. Sorrel
  19. Spinach
  20. Swiss chard
  21. Thyme

4. Start with strong seedlings

When you start your plants from seed (rather than seedlings), you’ll have full control over the quality of your plants. And one of the biggest benefits of starting an indoor garden from seed is that it lowers the risk of pest issues.

5. Set your pump timer to "I"

An outdoor Tower Garden needs watering every 15 minutes, but plants in a controlled indoor environment don’t need to be watered as frequently. Make sure you set your pump timer to "I" for Indoor growing. By setting the timer to indoor growing you’ll extend the life of your pump and decrease energy consumption.