Garden Planning

Popular Places for an Indoor Tower Garden

Setting up your Tower Garden indoors gives you fresh produce within easy reach all year round. Wherever you place your Tower, you’ll need a direct power source and the right balance of temperature, light, and airflow conditions. See which of these popular spots will work best for you:


This is a natural fit and one of the most popular sites for an indoor Tower Garden. Reach over and handpick fresh herbs, leafy greens, and veggies to use while cooking. Plus, there’s something about seeing homegrown healthy greens in the kitchen that encourages healthy eating in general.

Living Room

Living plants in the living room — of course! Let your plants’ beautiful colours and scents brighten the room and add to its atmosphere (and to conversation).

Home Office

From stress reduction to increased productivity, indoor gardens provide countless benefits in any home office. Did you know: A study by The Human Spaces found that plants in work settings can boost creativity by 15%? Taking a little time to tend to your garden or harvest your crops can also serve as a nice mental break and a gentle physical stretching session.

Storage Room or Basement

Trying to make the most of your space? If you don’t mind keeping your garden out of sight and have a storage space or basement with the right conditions, this is a healthy way to put that space to use.

Taking Your Tower Garden to Work

Still having trouble finding room for a Tower Garden in your home? Offices provide an ideal setting for Tower Garden, and it’ll probably give your coworkers a boost, too. Plants and indoor gardens at the office can help reduce absences, purify the air, and even make the office more attractive to job applicants. Just make sure you get the ‘OK’ from your boss before bringing your Tower Garden to work!