Better Health Through Nutrition From Fruits And Vegetables

Juice Plus+ Jan 21, 2019

Michael Ewald, D.C.

Dr. Michael Ewald is a chiropractic physician and nutritional counselor in Dayton, Ohio. In this video, Dr. Ewald talks about how healthy nutrition is critical to better health.

Dr. Ewald says healthy choices and good nutrition help greatly reduce risk of disease. "Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of health and wellness. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains significantly reduces your risk of chronic disease. All of us should strive to eat 9 or more servings of plant-based foods every day," he says.

He recommends Juice Plus+ because it "is the most convenient and affordable way to add more nutrition from whole foods to your diet. The clinical research that has been published on Juice Plus+ shows that the product improves key biomarkers of health."

Dr. Ewald lectures on the relationship between nutrition and disease throughout Ohio and the U.S. He believes, "if you do not control your diet and lifestyle, eventually your diet and lifestyle will control you."