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Omegas for Healthy Skin This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities, whether that’s running, hiking, biking, or swimming. Those activities are great for your body, but not so great for your skin. After all, exposure to the sun year after year can age your skin prematurely. If you want to keep (or recapture) that youthful glow, think preventative health for your skin.  


One of the most important tips for healthy skin is to improve your microcirculation -- the blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels, such as the capillaries. These tiny blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients to your skin, nourishing and beautifying it.  


The standard advice for increasing microcirculation is exercising and eating certain foods (think richly colored plant foods like beets, greens, and berries.) Here’s one more thing to add to that list: omega fatty acids. These healthy fats are key to improving blood circulation near the surface of your skin, giving you a healthy glow.  


Dr. Mitra Ray summarizes the connection between inner health and outer beauty perfectly in this video: “To me, beauty means that the cells inside your body are radiating a message of health to the world, and that radiance is universally attractive.” 


Microcirculation decreases with age, as does skin thickness, density, and hydration. These changes are part of the reason skin appearance and skin health also change as people get older. While nothing can stop the march of time,  good nutrition can slow it. In fact, a study of women with sensitive skin found that when they took an omega-3 supplement, their skin hydration improved.*i And hydrated skin means fewer wrinkles and a glowing complexion. 


Juice Plus+ Omega Blend supports healthy skin with  omega-3, -5, -6, -7, and -9 fatty acids from six plant sources.  



  • Algal oil 
  • Pomegranate seed oil 
  • Sea buckthorn berry oil 
  • Raspberry seed oil 
  • Safflower seed oil 
  • Tomato seed oil 



Algal oil contains the same omega-3s oils  DHA and EPA  that are found in fish oil. That’s because fish get omega-3s from the algae they eat. With Omega Blend, we’ve just gone straight to the source, eliminating the “middle fish.” Yet because it’s not made from fish, it has no fishy taste. 


The other seed oils in Omega Blend provide additional omega fatty acids in a perfect balance, so you get a full range of omega benefits. All the omegas help promote a healthy inflammation response that supports skin health.*  


Did you know Omega Blend can also be used topically? Here is Dr. Mitra Ray’s personal Omega Blend topical skincare routine: 



  1. Wash your face at night 
  2. Gently dry your face, leaving some water on 
  3. Poke a hole in an Omega Blend capsule with a sterile pin 
  4. Apply about 1/3 of the capsule and store the remainder in a travel container 
  5. Rub the oil into your skin, emulsifying it with the water on your face so it absorbs quickly 



Dr. Mitra Ray says that not only does her skin look much better after performing this protocol for several weeks, but she’s also saved a ton of money on her skin care regimen! 


Want to improve your skin condition even more? Combine Omega Blend with Juice Plus+ Fruit Blend, Vegetable Blend, or Berry Blend. The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables also improve microcirculation. In fact, a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 26 middle-aged women found that taking Juice Plus+ improved their microcirculation by 39 percent, their skin density by 16 percent, their skin hydration by 9 percent, and their skin thickness by 6 percent.*ii It’s amazing what good nutrition can do! 


How do you protect your skin in the summer? 




1 Neurkam K, et al. Supplementation of flaxseed oil diminishes skin sensitivity and improves skin barrier function and condition. Skin Pharamcol Physiol. 2011;24(2):67-74.

2 De Spirt S, et al. An encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice concentrate increases microcirculation in healthy women. Skin Pharmacol Psysiol. 2012;25(1):2-8.


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