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The Juice Plus+ Spring Cleaning Guide to Improve Wellness

I keep a clean house because I work at home and can’t function amidst a mess. No, scratch that. I do it because I can’t stand anything other than a clean house, period. Even so, things like fingerprints in low places and crumbs in no-no places can escape my eagle eye.

That’s where spring cleaning comes into play. For me, it’s a way to take care of the unnoticeable messes, which exist not only in our homes, but also in our minds and our bodies. Since I added another son to my world two years ago, I’ve discovered the necessity of tending to my overall wellness. The busier and more complicated life gets, the more the unnoticeable can pile up.

So, in the spirit of scrubbing the sticky spots from our homes and hearts, let’s enter spring with a plan. Since I don’t like complicated advice, I won’t give any. These are simple steps you can follow directly or easily adapt to sweep up the dust bunnies in your own world.



  • One thing at a time. Don’t think you have to do it all at once. Take 30 days to clean and organize. Double up on the weekends if you can.
  • Don’t dismiss the dishwasher. This Good Housekeeping article is a good summary of how to use your dishwasher to clean more than dishes – like toys and dish sponges!
  • Prep for success. Organize your kitchen so you can easily access your go-to items on busy weekdays. For example: Pour a new bag of coffee into a tall plastic container. It stays fresher and eliminates the hassle of digging into the bag as you use up the coffee. Don’t underestimate the ease of overnight oats or salad in a jar, either.
  • Delegate! Dump the idea that you need to do it all yourself. School-age children are old enough to pitch in too. Don’t discount the motivating power of music—turn it up!


  • Eat to live. Eliminate five items from your kitchen this spring. You don’t have to totally nix your favorites. If you like chips, find healthier versions without trans fats (but enjoy in moderation!). Swap sugary yogurt for plain Greek yogurt mixed with honey or fruit preserves. Slash artificial colors and look for labels with naturally sourced colors, or none at all.
  • Love your limbs. Instead of using your precious morning minutes to scroll through your phone, get moving. Give your body a great stretch when you wake up!
  • Look around. Your home is your sanctuary, so make it look the part. Surround yourself with objects that make you feel good. Replace mass-produced wall hangings/decor with photos of favorite memories or local art or funky antique shop finds. Also, look for creative ways to display treasured keepsakes.
  • Don’t get dressed in the dark. Take the time to toss those curtains aside each morning. Letting in that first light of day can help you wake up and feel more motivated.

What are your tips to achieve overall wellness this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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