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You Can Have it All, Even Healthy Tailgating

As autumn rushes into my town (was summer in a hurry to get somewhere this year or what?), football is just as plentiful as pumpkin spice. Here in Morgantown, West Virginia, fans are well known for their energy. The college crowd can get rowdy around here, but for the most part Mountaineer fans are on fire in a good way.

Typically, tailgating is focused on fast, fatty, and filling foods. In recent years, though, fans have been introducing healthier choices into their game-day offerings. It’s a reflection of our society’s increasing awareness of “you are what you eat,” and the best thing about it is that it’s not a party foul.

There are simple, delicious ways you can boost your tailgate’s health factor. Check out these tips and recipes contributed both by healthy living advocates and football diehards!

  • Who says dessert should come last? Let’s get started with rainbow fruit skewers with vanilla yogurt dip! Easy to make and easy to eat – just choose your favorite fruits and place them onto skewers. Win-win for a busy football day.
  • My Uncle Rick puts an ethnic spin on his game day with tabbouleh, a Middle Eastern salad with big flavors. He serves it up with home-baked pita chips (pita bread cut into triangles, with olive oil and herbs).
  • On a similar note as above, since you’re already making pita chips you might as well throw in some homemade hummus. It’s great with the chips as well as raw veggies!
  • Not to worry, the most important football food groups, meat and heat, are covered too. While these buffalo chicken cheddar bites sound over-indulgent, they’re baked and packed with nutritious ingredients. I have a feeling this recipe could be a new favorite in parking lots and backyards this season. 
  • Last, but not least, if you need something to fill the gaps, pack Juice Plus+ chewables for whole food based nutrition!

What are your favorite healthy tailgating foods? Share below!

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