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Nutritious Snacking

Snacking usually gets a bad rap, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if your snacks promote your healthy diet. However, the leading three go-to snacks for Americans include chips, chocolate and cheese, while fruits and vegetables lag behind at fifth and eighth place respectively. According to a Nielsen study, 63% of Americans said they consume chips during their snack breaks while only 55% snacked on fruits and 44% snacked on vegetables. While there is nothing wrong with indulging in some dark chocolate or cheese from time to time, there are many other healthy snack alternatives you could enjoy and still reap nutritious benefits from.

Healthy Snacking
There are lots of fun ways to ensure that more healthy foods make it into your snack drawers:

  • Making my own trail mix is one of my favorite ways to battle afternoon cravings without reaching for a candy bar! I pick my favorite nuts, seeds and unsweetened dry fruits that together make for a personalized, delicious treat without sacrificing nutritional value.
  • Drying your leftover produce is a great way to save all your ripened fruits and veggies from going to waste while adding some crunch to your snacks.
  • For those of us who are chip-enthusiasts, try these Smoky Kale Chips that serve as a low sodium replacement for potato chips! There are so many other recipes that can make snacking easy, affordable, fun and healthy.

Juice Plus+ Snacks
Replacing some of those less-than-healthy snack options with Juice Plus+ Complete is such an easy way to get the nutritional value you need and it’s super tasty! Whether you’re snacking on Complete bars or enjoying a Complete smoothie, you’re replacing those sweet and salty snacks with foods high in protein and fiber!

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? Share in the comments below!

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