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Beautiful Food: Edible Flowers

Beautiful Food: Edible Flowers
It’s that time again: Flowers are everywhere. Color, scent ... and flavor?

That’s right. Flowers aren’t just for gardens anymore. Food-grade flowers—calendula, nasturtiums, chive blossoms, and a bouquet of others—can perk up salads, ice cream, and everything in between.

Beautiful Sites: Photos and Posts
These posts and slide shows offer tips, recipes, safety info, and more.

The folks at What’s Cooking America have put together an Edible Flowers Chart featuring practical advice about choosing edible flowers—what to eat, what not to eat, what to think about, and ways to use the flowers you select.

If you already know what flowers you want to use, take a look at the quick flavor profiles and suggested uses in What You Need to Know About Edible Flowers from Good Housekeeping.

Not sure you want to try using edible flowers yet, but want to see some gorgeous pictures (plus tips about growing some of these lovelies)? Feast your eyes on Top 10 Edible Plants with Summer Flowers from The Spruce.

ICYMI: Check out an earlier post of ours, Feast Your Eyes and Stomach on These Edible Flowers. This brief background lists some health benefits of edible flowers and also includes a note on edible herb blossoms.

Recipes for Joy
10 Edible Dishes Featuring Flowers
(via Sunset)

Seasonal Ingredient Spotlight: Chive Blossoms (via The Kitchn)

8 Beautiful Recipes Featuring Edible Flowers (via Relish)
*This one includes a recipe for spring flower lollipops. The pictures alone are worth it!

Lavender Ricotta Ice Cream (via Yummly)

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