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Four Tips to Stay Healthy During a Busy Spring

I’ve taken a practical approach to spring: I treat it as a prep course for summer. This works out well, because spring is naturally a busy time of year. We clear out our closets and cars of winter’s remnants, plan weekends around community and school events, and hustle to get to practice, be it for the play, band, soccer, baseball, or track. I’m not one to purposely pack my days too tightly, but with two young kids, work, exercising, cooking, cleaning, and volunteering, I’m busy nonetheless. So on to spring I go, and my schedule is already packed this year. I bet yours is too!

Want to do yourself a favor this season? Don’t fall into unhealthy habits while you’re on the go. Here are four easy ways to stay on track:

  • Start simple: Have quick, portable options on hand for snacks or even breakfast. Prepare pre-filled snack bags with nuts, fruit, chopped veggies, or crackers. Instead of buying expensive oatmeal packets, make your own with your choice of toppings—dried fruit, nuts, seeds, a sprinkle of coconut sugar—already in the container; then all you have to do is pop it into the microwave in the morning.
  • Double book: Usually double booking yourself isn’t a good idea, but in the case of balancing your spring schedule, it can be a great solution. For example: If the kids have back-to-back sports events, bring along your bicycle or your running shoes and get in some laps during an inning or two. If you’re on spring-cleaning duty, throw in a few extra trips up and down the basement steps to get your heart pumping.
  • Drop in: Drop a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into your water. It’ll help level out your blood sugar, among other benefits. Or, drop a Juice Plus Chewable into your mouth! It’ll give you additional nutrients to your diet, which is never a bad thing.
  • Tune out: Put down your devices any time you don’t absolutely need them—when you’re eating, sitting in the bleachers, prepping your garden, etc. Instead, turn on some music, watch the game, or meditate. Clear your mind. Focus on the moment.

How do you stay healthy when you’re busy? Share in the comments below!

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