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Spring Into Stress Less

Spring! Longer days, increased energy, big plans, and—hey, what’s that? Stress?

Nope, nope, nope. Let’s try to shed unnecessary stress along with winter clothes. Because as this infographic shows, when it becomes a long-term thing, it can take a major toll on your health.

But don’t stress about that! Here are some neat ideas and suggestions about how to reduce stress. Have you tried any of these? Tell us about it in the comments!

Start With a Friendly List
This past fall, a high school teacher gave his class a cool list called “101 Ways to Cope With Stress.” A student tweeted pics of it, and it went viral. A few of our faves:

+        18. Break large tasks into bite size portions

+        43. Look up at the stars*

+        44. Practice breathing slowly**

+        53. Take time to smell the flowers*

+        69. Stand up and stretch

+        79. Exercise every day

+        80. Learn the words to a new song

+        99. Get enough sleep

+        101. Freely praise other people††

Check out the full list  

*The Natural Way to Calm Down
As spring takes off, you might be looking for excuses to go outside. See how spending time in the great outdoors can boost your internal landscape. Get outward bound.

**Power Breaths
Need help regulating your breathing? You’re far from alone. In this short video, author Jane McGonigal (SuperBetter) explains the power breath—how to do it, and why it helps relieve stress or anxiety. Watch now.

5 Tips for Reducing Stress
These quick tips include basic info about exercising regularly and trying to get decent sleep. See tips.

††Do Unto Others
Do you get a lift out of being kind? This article takes a look at some of the ways that kindness benefits everyone involved. Make nice.

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