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Get Ahead of the Game, with Make-Ahead Breakfasts

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but quite often, it’s also the most rushed. With everyone leaving the house at different times and the frantic searches for homework, musical instruments, and sports equipment, it’s a small miracle if the whole family eats anything, let alone a healthy meal.

So consider this: If you make breakfast the night before, everyone can grab something homemade from the fridge and enjoy a nutritious start to the day, whether it’s eaten at the kitchen table, at the school bus stop, or at your desk at work. Check out these three nutritious options:

Mini Quiches
Everyone loves quiches! This spinach and mushroom quiche recipe has no crust, so it’s low-carb and gluten free, as well as vegetarian. It’s also a good way to incorporate vegetables into breakfast, something that is easily missed.

If you want another option, this broccoli-cheddar mini-quiche recipe uses a pre-made crust for convenience. Go for whole wheat, or if you’re gluten-free like me, choose a rice flour version.

High-Protein Muffins
Muffins are usually high in carbs, but there are ways to sneak more protein into them, whether it’s extra eggs, whey powder, or Greek yogurt. Also, using oats instead of flour, as two of these recipes do, makes the carbs more complex, so they are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes.

These chocolate-banana-oat muffins use 8 eggs in one batch. The bananas add moisture and the chocolate adds, well, chocolate. I use stevia-sweetened chocolate chips in my baking.

Bananas also make an appearance in these banana-oat muffins, and they get their protein punch from Greek yogurt!

Yogurt, Fruit, and Granola Parfaits
Another option are yogurt parfaits—they combine protein, fruit and whole grains. What could be better? Just pick out your favorite Greek yogurt, in-season fruits, and granola!

If you make these the night before, keep the granola in a separate container so it stays crunchy and add it right before you eat. (This might mean changing the order of the layers.)

Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes
Another quick, high-protein breakfast you can put in your rotation is a Juice Plus+ Complete shake! Throw a banana or a handful of berries into the blender with it and you have a filling, fruit-filled smoothie, with 13 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.

What breakfasts do you make ahead? Share in the comments below!

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