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Top Posts from the Community in 2017

Carry It Forward

This time last year, we talked about making small changes and looking forward. This year, we’re recapping some of our favorite Community posts from 2017 — full of ideas, tips, or (yes) recipes that we want to carry into 2018.

If you have a favorite Juice Plus+ Community post, won’t you link to it in the comments below? We’d love to know what topics you find most interesting or helpful!

Take Time for You with Juice Plus+
“At the turn of a new season... don’t forget you!” Four self-care tips, geared toward parents but useful for us all!

Meet the Omegas: Health Benefits of Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9
A quick intro to omega fatty acids, their health benefits, and what foods contain them.

Health Accountability Buddies Help Achieve Goals
Sometimes it’s easier to push through when you know someone else is counting on you (and your company).

Back to Basics Fitness: 5 Achievable Fitness Goals for the New Year
Five “I will...” statements to help you kick off the New Year and keep yourself on track.

How to Make Juice Plus+ a Routine
Nobody is perfick. If you’ve been forgetting your Juice Plus+, here are some ideas for getting it back into your daily routine.

Snacks That'll Help You
National Snack Day isn’t until March, but some of us like to celebrate it more often. See suggestions for healthful, tasty snacks here.

Pack Up Your Protein with Veggies
Links to yummy recipes built around chickpeas, quinoa, avocados and other healthful indulgences.

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