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Fall Fitness with a Juice Plus+ Spotify Playlist

As the weather cools down this fall, we come to one of the toughest mental battles of the year—keeping your motivation to stay fit even when it’s cold and dark outside. Sound impossible? It’s not easy, that’s for sure. But we have come up with a few fall fitness hacks, including a Spotify playlist, to help you stay motivated and active as the weather changes, and we think you’re going to love them!

Get Warm as Quickly as You Can

Trick yourself into working out by getting your body warm as soon as possible when it’s time to exercise. We like to do this by turning up the thermostat immediately upon waking and throwing on an extra sweatshirt for the beginning of the workout. It might seem like overkill, but once you’re sweating, you’ll feel great and much more excited about your workout. Who knows? The crisp fall air may start to feel refreshing, instead of just cold!

Schedule Workout Dates with Friends

This is always a good idea, but it’s especially effective when dreary fall weather has you wanting to curl up on the couch every time you had planned to work out. Put your workout in your calendar like a regular appointment and invite a friend to come along—to run, to join you at the gym, or even to come over and do a living room workout together. This is especially important if you’re used to running outside but the shorter daylight hours require you to run in the dark, whether in the morning or at night. If you don’t want to run in the dark alone, be sure to grab a friend, or even join a local running group so you always have company when you run.

Invest in a new winter workout wardrobe

Is it just us, or do cute new workout clothes provide a bit of extra motivation all on their own? We find this is doubly important in cold weather, when you need breathable extra layers to keep your muscles warm while you exercise. Buy a few new workout pieces you love this fall, and maybe a new pair of running shoes too. You’ll look forward to rocking your new gear during your workouts, and you’ll have fewer excuses to cancel a workout due to the cold since you’ll already be fully prepared for the weather.  

Throw on a new, motivating playlist

Changing up your workout music is a great way to get yourself moving and motivated when all you want to do is stay in bed. That’s why we’ve put together a fun, upbeat Spotify workout playlist for you! Just click here to open, crank it up and let the music get you moving!

What are your fall fitness hacks? Share in the comments below!


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