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What’s Age Got to Do with It?: Generations and Vegetable Consumption

There’s good news and bad news about vegetable consumption in America. The good news is that Millennials and Generation Z— all adults under the age of 40 — are eating more vegetables. The bad news is that Baby Boomers —60 and older — are eating fewer. That’s per a report called A Generational Study: The Evolution of Eating, published by the NDP Group, a company that compiles global statistics.[1],[2]

Younger adults have upped the amount of fresh vegetables they eat by 52% and the amount of frozen vegetables they eat by 59% over the past decade. That’s a healthy increase! The change is part of a larger shift toward fresh foods among adults under 40. Researchers expect Millennials and Generation Z to drive an additional estimated increase of 10% in fresh vegetables consumption over the next several years.

David Portalatin, Vice President and food industry analyst at NPD Group and author of Eating Patterns in America, said, “Vegetable consumption among younger consumers is a reflection of their more health-conscious eating behaviors.”

But what about the parents of these veggie-loving young adults? The news is not so rosy for them. Baby boomers decreased their consumption of fresh vegetables by 30% over the past decade and frozen vegetables by 4%. The NDP Group cites convenience as a factor in boomers’ food choices.

Eating enough vegetables is such an important step for overall health that looking for convenient ways to incorporate them into your diet, no matter what your age, should be a priority for everyone. If time is at a premium, try these easy tricks:

  • Keep cut carrots and celery, along with some healthy dips, in the fridge for quick snacking.
  • Make a batch of kale chips. Simplify meal time. Either try garlic-roasted broccoli or roasting cabbage to appear as mock steaks, which both require very little preparation.
  • Add veggies to your smoothie. Toss a handful of spinach, kale, or chard into your morning or afternoon smoothie. You’ll never know the difference, but your body will!
  • Take Juice Plus+! Juice Plus+ can help people of all generations add the nutrition of 30 vegetables, fruits and grains to their diets. There’s no substitute for eating fresh produce throughout the day, but sometimes life gets in the way of ideal eating. Juice Plus+ Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard Blend capsules can help bridge the gap between what you should eat every day and what you do eat.

How do you incorporate vegetables into your diet? Share in the comments below!


[1] Younger consumers drive vegetable consumption. Nutraingredients. 2016 Nov 16.

[2] NDP Group. Generational shifts in food consumption. 2016.

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