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Top Fitness Trends of 2017

The New Year just passed, and with that, many of us are trying to keep up with our resolutions for 2017. Fitness sits at the top of the resolution board and we can understand why. This is a great time to try out those new work out trends and see which ones work best for you!

Looking for a total-body exercise? Hit up a boxing class! You don’t have to be in the ring to reap the benefits of this empowering fitness trend. Also, it can even be a great outlet for stress and anxiety.

Megaformer Class
If you’re a raving fan of Pilates, give a Megaformer class a try! This high-intensity workout is great for those who find it difficult to get a workout into their schedules. Megaformer is a 50 minute class that uses a system of springs and pulleys to work your upper and lower body with cardio and core exercises.

Cardio Dance Class
For those who are looking for an exciting and fun way to get fit, check out a dance class! One of the best reasons to get involved in dance is that you can find a studio to join or you can do it in your own living room. You can even do it at home with videos like, Cardio Dance Bootcamp. This 20-minute workout is sure to get your heart pumping and get you sweating.

Mixed Format Class
Mixed Format Classes are great if you’re looking for a mixture of workouts provided in just one class. Each class focuses on different exercises so that you’re not doing the same workout daily. I recently participated in an Orange Theory Fitness class that combined running, rowing and weight lifting all in 60 minutes. Not only was it fun, but I could definitely feel it working throughout the whole hour!

Work Out Apps
Popularity of work out apps s increasing due to their flexibility when it comes to location, time and convenience (not to mention it cuts out membership fees). If you’re finding it difficult to set aside time to get exercise during your day, find work out apps that can help get you started on your fitness journey.

Live-Stream Classes
Netflix and other streaming services fans, listen up! Live-stream classes are a great option for those who don’t want to leave their house to get involved in an exercise class! It’s predicted that many studios will use the opportunity to stream because of its potential to reach more followers. Some studios even offer pay-per-stream, which is a great way to try different workouts!

What are some exercise trends you’re looking forward to trying in 2017? Share in the comments below!

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