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No Excuses! Overcoming 5 Common Temptations to Skip Your Workout

It’s easy to make resolutions, but it can be hard to keep them. Anyone who goes to the gym regularly can tell you how it suddenly gets crowded in January, but by mid-February, it’s so quiet you can practically hear resolutions breaking. If the little voice inside your head is saying, “not today” when it’s time to exercise, here’s how to answer.

1.   “I Don’t Have Time.”
This is the reason people most often cite for not exercising. And it’s true, we all have busy lives, so that’s why it’s important to have some exercises you can do right where you are. Exercise that uses your own body weight such as pushups, pullups, or squats can be squeezed into your schedule in two 15-minute increments, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. (Start with one 15-minute workout per day if 30 minutes still sounds daunting.)

2.   “The Weather is Awful.”
If you prefer outside exercise, make running or cycling one of your primary forms of activity. You’ll get some fresh air and vitamin D along with your workout — both of which have been shown to fight seasonal depression. But if bad weather makes you press the snooze button, varying your routine will help with this obstacle. When it’s icy, sleeting, or pouring rain, make sure you have a go-to form of indoor exercise, such as riding a stationary bike or an exercise video.

3.   “I’m Too Tired.”
If you’re feeling run down, exercise might be the last thing you want to do. And that’s a powerful psychological block to overcome. Think about when you feel your best and try to exercise then. You can also alternate between more and less strenuous forms of exercise, depending on how you feel. Also, you may find the exercise energizes you once you start!

4.   “I Can’t Afford It.”
No doubt about it, fitness centers can be pricy. But if there’s a YMCA or a rec center in your town, that might be a more affordable place to swim, use exercise equipment, or take a class. And buying some dumbbells or a yoga mat for home use is cheaper than buying a treadmill.

5.   “I Don’t Enjoy It.”
If you don’t enjoy an activity, it can be hard to make yourself do it once, let alone several times a week. That’s why it’s important to try different kinds of exercise and find what you really like. Hate running or the elliptical machine? Maybe handball or a Zumba class would be more up your alley. I hate running by itself, but I can run my heart out at cardio tennis class and love every minute of it.

How do you motivate yourself to stick with your work out? Share in the comments below!

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