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Hello Fresh Herbs, Goodbye Added Salt!

In the season of barbeques, picnics and potlucks, it can be difficult to manage your daily sodium intake. Cooking with fresh herbs is a great way to add some extra flavor to your dish, making mealtimes even tastier, and healthier. You’re in luck, because in addition to being tasty, fresh herbs can have significant health benefits. Here are some of our favorite healthy herbs to add a kick of flavor to your cooking.

Rosemary can be the co-star of any kind of meal—it’s delicious with vegetables, lean meats and salads. Plus, the health benefits of rosemary make it a great herb to have on hand. Rosemary is rich in essential oils known for anti-inflammatory properties, and the herb is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid—which means better vision, stronger bones, and healthier skin! If you’re looking to reap the health benefits of rosemary, we recommend this roasted asparagus and mushrooms recipe.

Quite the versatile herb, sage has been popular in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Studies show sage can give you quite the brain boost by increasing memory retention, concentration and focus. The health benefits of sage don’t stop there. Sage also helps build up bone strength and relieve digestive issues. Work it into your next meal or try this spaghetti squash with pine nuts and sage recipe!

Basil is definitely one of our all-time favorites. This herb’s health benefits span from anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils to minerals like potassium and iron. Basil also packs a considerable amount of vitamin A, which supports the production of healthy skin and vision. One of our favorite ways to cash in on basil’s health benefits is with this delicious caprese salad recipe.

Cilantro, an herb particularly famous for use in rice and salsa, also tastes great in sauces, stews, and meat dishes. The health benefits include essential minerals such as iron and manganese as well as vitamins A and C. Additionally, cilantro is packed with vitamin K, which plays a major part in bone production and strength. If you’re looking to get some extra vitamins and minerals in your meal, try this black bean salad! It’s easy to make and super portable, which makes it a great side to bring to any summer outing.

What are your favorite herbs to add for more flavor? Let us know in the comments below!


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