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Host Your Own Backyard Relay Games

One of the most internationally anticipated sporting events of the year will be here this August, so celebrate accordingly! From warm up stretches to your own outdoor games, we have the perfect ingredients for backyard fun.

Warming Up

Warm up before you dive in! You don’t want to forget to perform a few light exercises to get your muscles ready to go. You can warm up any way you please, but we suggest two traditional go-tos: jogging in place and jumping jacks. These will activate your muscles and prepare them for what’s to come. After you finish warming up, make sure to stretch it out, then make way for the relay games!

Relay Games

We have come up with activities using items you probably have laying around your house. Below, we have listed a few games to get you started, but there are plenty more than you can craft on your own!

Jump Rope

  • Equipment: Double-length jump rope.
  • The challenge: Each team chooses two to three contestants to take turns jumping.
  • How to Win: Each jump counts for one point, and whoever has the most consecutive jumps up to 10, wins! 

Crab-Walk Scramble

  • Equipment: Just your hands and feet!
  • The challenge: Each team selects one member to compete in a crab-walk, which is a reverse crawl on their hands and feet with their stomach facing up. In this scramble, team members will race from one side of the yard to the other, and then back again.
  • How to Win: Be the first one across the finish line.

Water-Balloon Relay

  • Equipment: A pack of water balloons and six position markers. We suggest using biodegradable water balloons, in case one of the remnants gets buried before you have a chance to collect them.
  • The challenge: A water-balloon relay is just as tricky as the classic egg-in-spoon relay race, only less messy and wasteful. Place the handoff markers about 30 feet apart and position runners at each of them. Each runner will try to hand off their balloons to other team members before the others!
  • How to Win: The first team to make three successful balloon transfers and cross the finish line, balloon intact, wins.


  • Equipment: A hula hoop.
  • The challenge: Select one player from each team to compete in a hula-hoop endurance test.
  • How to Win: The person to keep their hula hoop spinning around their waist the longest wins!

Staying active throughout the hot summer months can be hard, but with the games coming up in August, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors for some family relay games! What’s your family’s favorite game? Share with us in the comments below!

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