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Celebrating Your One Simple Change: Fitness Tips from our Juice Plus+® Family

We believe that one simple change is all it takes to get a jumpstart on those health-oriented goals. It’s easy to make excuses and to not follow through to achieve your physical activity resolutions. So, every day that you stick to the challenge and reach your goal, it’s a huge win! No victory is too small, and all are worth celebrating.

We commemorated our Active in April theme this year by asking our customers which small, helpful changes they’d made to their activity regimens. From Florida to California and from every age range, here are a few simple changes our customers have made that you can try too!

“I walk five days a week with a friend, half of a mile in 15 minutes. Going to increase to one mile five days a week beginning this week. Feel great; my goal is to lose at least 20 to 40 pounds by my wedding on June 25, 2016.”*

Pamela Humphries from Starke, Florida

*Congratulations, Pamela! We hope you feel fantastic about whatever fitness goal you achieved by your wedding date!

“I started taking a yoga class twice per week. Also started jogging/running again and participated in a 5K race. Yes, I'm feeling much better mind and body. It feels good to make time for myself in a healthy way.”

Kristen Kramer from Ellsworth, Maine

“I am a busy stay-at-home mom with three little kids, so it is difficult to get in a workout every day. I have made the One Simple Change of doing small workouts throughout the day—leg lifts while I brush my teeth, push-ups while I wait for the toaster to pop, squats when I am checking myself out in the mirror after I get dressed, and then of course all of the playing I get to do with my kids! It makes me feel more energized and I don't feel so bad if I miss out on a full workout!”

Stacey Nagelkirk from Zeeland, Michigan

“I found a workout buddy! One of us will always push the other to get to the gym, push harder, or run that extra mile.”

Kelly Costello from Springfield, Illinois

“Walking 18 holes on the golf course instead of riding in an electric cart.”

Don Kruse from St. Louis, Missouri

“I have increased my walking, pre-dawn, from one to three miles daily and added my 9-lb Yorkie to the mix. It is good for me and good for her, even the vet says so. She has perfected the early-morning walk to the point where she now leads the way.”

Dan Altimus from Morro Bay, California

“I have gone back to my aqua-therapy sessions. I am exercising in the water twice a week, an hour each time, and am feeling really good about it!”

Ruth Timm from Hoskins, Nebraska

“I read a quote once that said, ‘Put on your workout clothes and then decide if you are going to exercise.’ So, that is what I do. I get my workout clothes on as soon as I get up, and that motivates me to hit the elliptical before I go to work.”

Karen VanHouten from Kettering, Ohio

“Now that it's getting warmer, just playing outside for a few hours has been great!”

Brooks Kidd from Franklin, Tennessee

“Active in April helped me set a goal to pay myself a dollar for every mile I walk. I am 72 years old and walk five days a week. In 10 days I have walked 60 miles. I will get a new pair of walking shoes. I put the money in my Active in April jar every day. I feel great from head to toe.”

Gladys Girardot from Punta Gorda, Florida

“I grew up as a competitive swimmer. I love the water, but kept putting off going to the pool because it was ‘too far from home’—just an excuse. But, I am back into the pool and swimming laps and it's awesome! P.S. I turned 61 in March.”

Susie Ray from Ingram, Texas

“My husband and I joined an exercise class especially for seniors. It's a great workout. I was in the class two years ago but stopped for surgery for two years. Feels great to be back to working out and getting my strength and endurance back! Hopefully it will help my lack of balance too.”

Anne Peterson from Diamond Bar, California

“While my students are at recess, my teammate and I walk laps around the playground.”

Veronica Hughes from Woodbridge, Virginia

“I always wanted to be more active and shed those pounds that had piled up over the years. Four kids and 70 bonus pounds later, I knew I needed a change. I started Juice Plus+ and felt a difference in my overall energy. This prompted me to purchase a Fitbit. I strive to meet my 10,000-step goal every day. I don't always hit my goal, but I always strive to!”

Rebecca Pease from Mesa, Arizona

“I have a job in finance and have to sit most of the day in front of a computer. I now have a sit-to-stand desk. This helps not only my back, but also that mid-afternoon slump!”

Erica ONeal from Summerfield, North Carolina

These are just a few of the ideas and discoveries you shared with us. Do you have a step on your own fitness journey that you’d like to tell us about? Please comment below!

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