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Oh the Places You’ll Go! Healthy Travel Snacks Edition

It’s summertime, which means it’s the season of vacations and traveling! While there’s a lot of excitement during this time, healthy eating can sometimes take a backseat to the rest of the planning. Even if you’re a dedicated health nut, it’s easy to find your trip filled with sodas, chips and other unhealthy on-the-go snacks. There’s a myth that it’s impossible to remain healthy on a trip, but we are here to help you prove that wrong! Below are some tips and tricks to keep in mind for packing healthy snacks for every kind of trip.

Road Trip
Whether you are taking a summer road trip with friends or driving to the beach for your family vacation, create a list beforehand of healthy snacks that are easy to pack!

For shorter road trips, pack a cooler that will keep snacks fresh throughout the trip, like string cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, and hummus. Also, keep a lunch bag filled with non-perishable snacks like pretzels, homemade granola bars, trail mix (in portion cups) and unsalted nuts. Health on the road doesn’t have to be shabby!

It’s perfect weather to explore the great outdoors! While packing healthy food can call for some innovation, it still beats a diet that consists solely of s’mores and jerky.

During your camping trip, it’s important to know if you will be able to drive up to your camping site or if you will need to hike to it. If you are camping away from your vehicle, make sure to pack food that is easy to transport and can cook quickly over a fire. Rolled oats are a great option, and for some additional flavor and fiber, add some honey and nuts!

It’s easy to get distracted by all the tempting fast food options right next to your flight’s gate, but don’t give in! Try making a snack bag before you leave for your flight, which will not only provide healthy options, but also save you from spending extra money at the airport. To choose your snacks accordingly, consider the length of your flight and the amount of time you will be spending at the airport.

One smart tip we’ve learned is to bring your reusable water bottle so you can refill your water after you pass security. As far as snacks go, pack some snacks like bananas and almond butter, parmesan, black pepper, and thyme crackers, as well as zucchini fritters! These will make your flight more enjoyable and arm you with snacks to keep you on track with your healthy diet.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take your snacks out of their original packaging and repackage them to save space.
  • Create a snack container that will keep all of your non-perishable items organized in one place.
  • Pack hand sanitizer, paper towels, and grocery bags to use as trash bags in order to stay fresh and messy-free.
  • Add some Juice Plus+ chewables to your bag to ensure you’re getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables!

Make the smart and healthy choice, no matter where your journey may take you! What are your favorite on-the-road healthy snacks? Share with us in the comments below!

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