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Tips to Reduce Stress

Work gets stressful—it’s a fact of life. As companies expect you to be increasingly accessible, stress management becomes an important skill to hone. Here at Juice Plus+, we want to empower you to meet your daily stress challenges head on! In honor of National Stress Awareness Month we compiled a list of tips that can help you evaluate your personal triggers and better control your stress.

Re-evaluate Your Habits
Have you realized that many of your daily habits may be triggers for stress? Luckily, through modifying your behavior you can easily eliminate many of these stresses from your life. For example, try leaving 10 -15 minutes early for work if you frequently feel pressed for time. The additional time can make a huge difference in traffic and boost your productivity, helping you to minimize stress and give a healthy jumpstart to your day.           

Give Your To-Do List a Facelift
There will always be an urgent deadline or a project that pops up last minute. Constructing a system to evaluate project priorities and effectively manage your time can be a huge stress reliever. Creating to-do lists or using a ranking system can help you better manage multiple tasks. Tools that are readily available as apps or online are an awesome way to track progress and make sure you don’t lose your handwritten lists.

Also, don’t forget to budget time when dealing with multiple deadlines. Set a timeframe to work on each project and document your status before switching gears. This will help keep you aware of deadlines, and ensure you tackle everything on your list.

Take Care of Yourself
The key to success is your health and well-being. Be sure to get a good night’s rest, exercise and stretch regularly, and eat nutrient-dense foods to help minimize stress. You’ll perform your best and be the most helpful to your team when you’re feeling 100 percent.

How do you deal with stress at work and maintain a healthy lifestyle? We’d love to hear your tips! Leave them in the comments below.

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