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Spring Clean Your Routine

Spring is right around the corner, and that means out with the old and in with the new! This year, don’t stop at just cleaning your home, try spring cleaning your entire lifestyle. From what you eat, to workout habits, here are some ways you can spring clean your lifestyle so you will be ready for the next big Spring adventure.


Eating healthier takes dedication and commitment, however these concepts are much easier when temptation isn’t right in your face. Clean out unhealthy eating habits by creating a meal plan in advance so you are not tempted to grab fast food if you’re too busy to plan or cook a meal. Meal plans don’t have to be boring and can include a wide variety of healthy foods. Plan your weekly menu, filled with spring fruits and vegetables, so that when you go to the grocery store you stick to your checklist and buy only what you need. If you’re still struggling to meet your nutrition check marks, Juice Plus+ can help fill the gaps.

Fridge and Pantry

Take an inventory of the things your family eats weekly, the foods you need to add to your diet to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and finally the items that are not so great for you. Cleaning out your fridge and pantry will allow you to get rid of items that have been taking up space for longer than they were supposed to and help you have a new start on your clean eating habits. As mentioned above, it’s easier to practice healthy habits when the bad ones aren’t peeking at you from behind the broccoli.

Workout Regimen

Try cleaning up your workout routine by varying the exercises that are becoming monotonous or aren’t showing results. Adding new routines or trying a different style of exercise can keep things fun and interesting so that you don’t get bored or burnt out. The weather is getting nicer, so try adding more outdoor activities like hikes or walks around the park. It is important to switch up your exercise routines so your muscles do not get used to the same movements which can cause you to plateau.

How are you planning to clean up your Spring routine this year?


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