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Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles with #MySimpleChange

To kick off 2016, Juice Plus+ launched the #MySimpleChange[1] campaign to inspire people to make simple changes to their daily routine to positively affect their health and wellbeing. The campaign encouraged everyone to improve their health by slowly transitioning towards a holistic lifestyle and incorporating small changes each day that lead to impactful health benefits in the future.

During the month of January, 10 bloggers chronicled their month-long journey using #MySimpleChange to motivate others to join the movement and take one baby step toward a healthier way of living. These bloggers shared their healthy lifestyle changes and their overall experiences with their communities to highlight how the simple changes they made improved their health, as well as the health of their families.  

Examples of bloggers’ Simple Changes include:

· Riding a bike to the grocery store

· Substituting coffee for tea

· Exercising outdoors

· Eating more fruits and vegetables

· Switching soda for water

· Getting enough sleep

· Working out with a friend

· Eating breakfast

Week-long meal preparations, daily workout routines and sleeping regiments can seem daunting for those trying to balance busy lives, but One Simple Change focuses on integrating one small habit into daily routines with the hope of a healthier long-term journey. The campaign reached more than one million people across the country and provided inspiration for working women, mothers, fitness fanatics and more.

For more examples around how you can join the conversation, see how these bloggers implemented Simple Changes into their lifestyles:

· Fruit is better than coffee[2]

· Spend time with family outdoors[3]

· Prepare a meal at home[4]

· Eat more vegetables[5]

· Decrease intake of saturated fats and sodium[6]  

To take a deeper look into the #MySimpleChange campaign, check out My Simple Change – Juice Plus+[7] on FitMomma to view Safari Charles’ firsthand experience and her journey toward better health!

Just because January is over, doesn’t mean #MySimpleChange is over – you can still join the conversation! Use the hashtag #OneSimpleChange to encourage others and create your own movement around healthy living. What #OneSimpleChange are you going to implement today?  









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