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Leap into Good Health with Juice Plus+

Every four years we add an extra day to our calendar and label it a leap year. Other than the people born on the twenty-ninth of February, most people barely acknowledge the extra day in the calendar. While the year is still fresh, we challenge you to make 2016 the year you leap into Juice Plus+ and explore the great health benefits by adding it into your daily routine. There are easy ways to add Juice Plus+ into your daily routine, so check out some of the suggestions below.

Are you constantly on the go? Do you want to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, but don’t necessarily have the time to prepare on-the-go snacks? Try adding Juice Plus+ Capsules to your daily routine. These capsules provide added whole food based nutrition from fruits, vegetables, and grains with three unique blends focusing of different food groups.

If you prefer getting your daily nutrition on-the-go, Juice Plus+ Complete Shake Mix and Nutrition Bars will be your best bet. Our shakes go great with a balanced breakfast, when you need a pre-workout energy boost or post-workout recovery snack, and as a late night treat. Juice Plus+ Complete Bars are tasty and packed with proteins and fibers. They are great snacks for any time of the day, whether you need to grab something to hold you over on the commute to work, want something healthy to snack on right before bed, or anywhere in-between.

Have you always loved fruit snacks, or have a little one that doesn’t love eating their fruits and veggies? If so, Juice Plus+ Chewables are a great way to make sure your kids are receiving the recommended amounts of nutrients on a daily basis! These snacks add whole food based nutrition and use all natural sweeteners. The chewables, which come in orchard, garden, and vineyard blend work to help bridge the gap in nutrition between your meals throughout the day.

We encourage you to fully leap into 2016 by adding Juice Plus+ into your daily regimen. What form of Juice Plus+ will you try first?

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