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Juice Plus+: Back to School Nutrition

With the New Year upon us and the holidays over, it’s time to start sending kids back to school. And you know what that means – hectic mornings trying to get the kids ready, get yourself ready and somehow get breakfast in your bellies before you head out the door. Luckily, when you’re short on time, Juice Plus+ is a delicious and easy way to fill in the gaps and provide the nutrients your family needs to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Consider adding Juice Plus+ into your daily routine to keep you and your family on track.

Juice Plus+ Capsules, made with fresh, raw fruits, veggies, berries and grains are a simple solution to getting back in the swing of things following the takeover of cookies and candy during the holidays. This simple once-a-day regimen can bridge the gap between what you should be eating and what you actually eat every day. The ease of Juice Plus+ can make any parents’ life simpler.  For those with children who may be opposed to eating their fruits and leafy greens, Juice Plus+ is a smart option to help introduce healthy fruits and vegetables into your kids’ diets. Our Children’s Health Study found that the majority of kids who consume Juice Plus+ eat more fruits and vegetables on average every day.

Busy parents aren’t the only ones trying to bridge the gap in their family’s nutrition, though. If you’re a college student with limited time, Juice Plus+ is an ideal way to incorporate healthy living into this semester’s late night studying and early classes. Not to mention, Juice Plus+ comes in multiple forms, including the capsules mentioned above, Chewables, and Complete Shake Mix and Nutrition Bars. With these options, Juice Plus+ has made staying healthy on the go easier than ever.

Consider making Juice Plus+ a part of your family’s daily routine. What are some ways that you plan to keep yourself and your family healthy in 2016?

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