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Juice Plus+ and Boys and Girls Club: Partnering to Encourage Healthy Eating for Young Adults

For many years, the Juice Plus+ leadership and staff have supported the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Memphis through various volunteer programs and charitable contributions. Our charitable donations enabled the creation of the Juice Plus+ Technical Training Center at the Boys and Girls Club, and our staff has partnered with the training center staff throughout the year to help enhance their culinary program and raise funds for their various vocational training programs. Additionally, our President and Founder, Jay Martin, has contributed 100% of proceeds from his book, I May Have Told You This Before, directly to the Boys and Girls Club Center. Our Juice Plus+ representatives have supported these endeavors along the way through pledging their own annual donations and book purchases. Sharing stories of the successes being experienced at the Juice Plus+ Technical Training Center inspired many to get involved with their own local Clubs around the US and Canada.

As part of our involvement in 2011, we donated Tower Gardens to the Juice Plus+ Technical Training Center. This allowed the Center to launch their Garden to Groceries program, so that the Club’s trainees could enjoy growing their own produce, creating their own recipes, and marketing these products to groceries and farmer’s markets in the area. The Club members got so much out of it, and when we visited, their pride and passion for the program was infectious.

It was so infectious that we knew that sharing it with all the Boys and Girls Clubs in North America, and providing an easy and fun way for our representatives to get involved in their communities, was a must do. The interest and enthusiasm has not been a disappointment. We have shipped over 50 Tower Gardens to Clubs across North America and are already receiving positive feedback.

Continuing support of the Boys and Girls Club, on November 1, 2015, we began accepting applications from our representatives for a new initiative, the Growing Up Grant Program. ­­­­­­­­­ The Growing Up Grant Program started with the Juice Plus+ Foundation’s pledge to donate a Tower Garden to every Boys and Girls Club in North America over the next five years.  We knew that all over North America, our Juice Plus+ Representatives would enjoy the experience as much as we have. We look forward to sharing more about this exciting program and watching our young adult participants grow as they learn the joy of growing their own healthy fruits and vegetables.

You can find more information regarding our partnership with Boys and Girls Club here or learn more by joining our Tower Talk at

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