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Food Trends to Try in 2016

Every year, the world sees trends evolve in food, dining, restaurants and cooking specialties. In 2015, we saw locally grown and organically-conscious foods become high demand, increasing the popularity of “fresh markets.” Plant-based food took off and a shift toward non-dairy products began. Some of these trends were lasting, while others were short-lived. So what should we expect in 2016?  It looks as if the healthy eating trend will continue into 2016, and we’re definitely on-board! Here are some new healthy food trends to try in 2016:

Fermented Foods

Although they’ve been around for a long time, fermented foods have recently picked up momentum due to their long life-span and health benefits. This interesting group of foods include sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, kombucha, miso, kimchi and more. Fermented foods are interesting because they are self-preserving due to the bacteria formed during the fermentation process. The bacteria is a type of probiotic and when ingested, is extremely healthy for overall gut and intestinal health.

Coconut Oil

This oil has become increasingly popular due to its healthier composition and multi-purpose use. Almost 90% of the fats in coconut oil are saturated, making it a great option when cooking as opposed to olive oil. Lauric Acid is also found in coconut oil, which helps fight off bacteria, fungi, and infections. Its multi-purpose uses include skin and hair moisturizers, sunscreen, and even mouthwash, so even if you don’t like it for cooking, chances are you’ll find a good use for coconut oil.

Cauliflower Replacement and Zucchini Noodles

Imagine your favorite comfort foods, such as pasta or wings, replaced with vegetables like zucchini and cauliflower. The best part? You can hardly tell a difference. The main benefit of trying this trend is to minimize your consumption of processed foods and to increase your vegetable intake.  By using a spiralizer, you can turn zucchini into “noodles” and top with your favorite marinara sauce or you can add buffalo sauce to cauliflower and make a delicious wing replacement.

Recipe Hacks

Although this isn’t a specific type of food, it is a major trend happening all over social media. Recipe hacking is a way of taking older or brand new recipes, and finding better, faster ways to make them. This can include meal prepping, meaning you make all of your meals a week, two weeks, or sometimes even a month in advance to cut back on prep-time for the busy people who still want to eat healthy. Check out this BuzzFeed Facebook page for fun, easy recipes that anyone could make.

What new food trends will you try in 2016?



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