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Celebrate National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week with These Recipes from Juice Plus+

Next week is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week, so grab some fresh fruit and get to juicing! Fruit juices are high in Vitamin C, so they are great to drink during the colder seasons to help fight off colds and flus. Take your fresh squeezed juices to the next level by adding in a scoop of Juice Plus+ Complete Shake Mix, which will help balance your diet even further with nutrients, protein, and fiber. Try a new healthy recipe each day with these great shake recipes:

Recipe: Sweet Beets
Complete Shake Mix: French Vanilla

Recipe: Veggies A-Plenty
Complete Shake Mix: French Vanilla

Recipe: Apple Orchard Medley
Complete Shake Mix: Dutch Chocolate

Recipe: Blackberry Pop
Complete Shake Mix: Dutch Chocolate

Recipe: Fresh Papaya Juice
Complete Shake Mix: French Vanilla

What fresh squeezed juice recipes have you tried that you love to drink with your Juice Plus+ Complete Shake Mix?

No time to squeeze fresh juice? Remember, Juice Plus+ is the next best thing, with dried juice powders from fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables. Get the nutrients your body needs in a convenient capsule form.


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