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Five Apple Art and Activity Ideas

Autumn has arrived! Aside from boots, sweaters and plenty of the color orange, the arrival of fall signifies that new fruit is in season and it’s time to go apple picking!

Because you’re already getting your daily dose of nutritious apples in your Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend, we figure you may have a few extra apples laying around to spare. This presents a great opportunity to engage your little ones with the fruit and build a positive bond with nutritious food. After all, there’s nothing wrong with playing with your food once in a while!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite apple arts and crafts ideas for you to try with your family (or yourself!) so you can bring some life back to those bruised and aging apples you didn’t get a chance to eat during Apple Picking Month.

Apple Stamping

A classic memory from elementary school, apple stamping is a great activity for you to enjoy with people of all ages. With this great weather, you can even take it outdoors!

Apple Volcano

If you’re looking for an apple spin on a classic science experiment, look into making apple volcanoes! These are a tons of fun and are very easy to set up. If your kids are the ambitious type, keep this one outdoors or prepare yourself for a little mopping.

Apple Boats

An apple half can make a great base for your next ship.Sail in style with these easy instructions to make fun apple boats. Best of all, you’ll only need a few items for construction!

Apple Tree Game

Here’s an activity that will improve your preschooler’s coordination skills. Use tape to make a tree shape on the ground and add apples to the branches. Challenge the player to pick up the apples from the branches as fast as possible, while only walking on the tape. Balance is the name of the game while players also develop some very important motor skills.

Apple Sculptures

Building with marshmallows is good fun, but why not build with something you won’t feel guilty sneaking a bite of here and there? All you need is a box of toothpicks and some chopped apple bits and you’re ready to let your imagination run free, no matter your age!

What are some of your favorite apple crafts and activities?  Tell us in the comments!



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